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There aren’t many well known eateries in Belmont (more infamous than well known haha!), so scouting around for a decent lunch has been hit and miss. What we have been searching for are hidden gems which are able to provide cheap and cheerful meals during our lunch hour. I think we have found one – and it’s called Momiji.

Salmon Sushi Momiji

Non-descipt and spartan, Momiji certainly blends in with its neigbours because Belvidere Road looks like it was shot straight out the 80’s! Everything you could possibly need is on this street – the pub, the fish & chippie, the vege store, a beautician and IGA. The street’s a bit run down but it’s quaint. A japanese eatery is a totally unexpected occurence. The street reminds me of when times were simpler, and the hardware store was around the corner and smaller than a football field. Indeed there is a small hardware store there too. Eat your heart out Bunnings!! (sorry mum)

For a fairly isolated shop, Momiji do a good lunch trade. Surely they must have a good word of mouth business. The shop is basically one room, with two partitions separating the kitchen from the dining area. The atmosphere isn’t exactly electric but it is likeable, with japanese paintings and a beautiful kimono suspended over the drinks fridge. It is easily seen that the owners of Momiji take good care of the shop – it’s tidy and noticeably very clean. The kitchen can be seen through a large gap in the partitions, and for me, I find it entertaining to watch my food being prepared. Otherwise customers can sit facing the street and watch suburban life from years gone by.

Service is good but don’t expect to be served by a fluent english speaker. The menu is simple but has all the favourites like oyakodon, tempura, teriyaki and sashimi. They also have a good selection of nigiri. Orders are taken at the counter and prices are noticeably affordable – this is recession friendly food! =) We take a seat at any of the tables and watch the girls in the kitchen dutifully slice up cabbage and carrot.

First, the sashimi set arrives and it becomes apparent this place is good value for money. For $13, 8 to 10 thick japanese-style slices of tuna and salmon are arranged neatly on the lacquer plate with a garnish of carrot and wasabi. Miso soup, rice and a plate of garden salad accompanies the meal. The miso soup is a bit different to the usual (instant?) version. Instead of the requisite tofu and wakame seaweed, we find carrots and cabbage floating around in the soup and it is quite tasty. The generously sized garden salad is a crisp mix of carrot, cabbage and cucumber with a light dressing.

Their food service is pretty quick. The large mixed tempura meal set comes out soon after the sashimi. The reason we ordered a  large serving was to get a salad and soup with the meal. We didn’t realise the tempura would be upsized too..! When we looked up at the waiter we saw a HUGE plate of tempura – it took me a second to realise it was ours. I was flabbergasted at the sheer quantity. The bf just exclaimed “That’s awesome!” and helped me eat it. >.< Nevertheless – the tempura is very good. Light and crispy and not too oily. The variety was better than I have seen in a while – sweet potato, taro, broccoli, pumpkin, prawns and fish – two pieces of each! All easily devoured with the tempura dressing. =)

There aren’t any desserts available at Momiji and with the size of their servings, there isn’t a need to provide any.

Momiji is a good choice for a quick japanese meal where the food is guaranteed to be good (not just acceptable but GOOD). Honestly, don’t expect to be blown away by the cuisine (this is not Nobu) but if you are looking for good quality, tasty and fresh japanese food this is the place for you. Imo there aren’t many places like this in Perth. To get food like this in most places you would have to book a table, dress up a bit and pay more. At Momiji you could walk in with thongs and shorts and blend in. In fact Momiji reminds me of Ohnamiya in Applecross – but without the hideous lines of people and wooden decor.

We’ve been back since for lunches (three times in five days..) and can say the food is consistent. =) We tried the beef tataki which was wickedly garlicky, if a bit salty. The chef sometimes serves the food and always graciously asks us to enjoy our meal which is a nice touch. The chef also looks like he came straight out of a japanese cartoon but that’s for another day. =P

– 14.5 fingerlickin’ tempuras out of 20 –

Up’s: beef tataki – just seared and delicious. awesomely huge tempura servings! friendly staff. quick food service. run by japanese folk which speaks for the high quality of food.

Down’s: the counter, it’s a bit out of place.

Momiji Japanese Takeaway, Shop 6/ 51 Belvidere St Belmont 6104
T: (08) 9477 5440

Opening hours:

Lunch Monday to Saturday 11.30am- 2.30pm
Dinner 7 days 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Sunday 5pm – 8pm

We found Momiji through EatingWA. It’s a website where everyday consumers can share and submit their own reviews of restaurants in WA. Also have a look at Momiji dolls here and here… so cuuute. Nothing in common with the takeaway shop except in name only. =P The collectable dolls have a slot underneath where a secret note is stored. Adorable. =)

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  2. mei

    Glenny – Thanks Glenny!! Thanks for dropping by. Happy eating. :)

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