dragon palace – northbridge {revisited}

Dragon Palace dim sum has once again stunned me (not into silence fortunately…). Their generously sized dumplings are to die for – skins soft and pliable and their fillings are fresh and delicious. Their har gow (prawn dumpling) is redolent of fragrant sesame oil. The triangular prawn and coriander dumplings are filled with aromatic coriander and succulent, plump prawns.

As per usual, the Shark’s fin dumplings were fabulous, filled with juicy pork, carrot strips and shitake mushrooms. Shark’s fin I suspect maybe a colloquial name. I doubt there’s any shark fin in the dumplings! There were translucent strips resembing shark’s fin but I think it was vermicelli as the serving was too generous and shark’s fin is prohibitively expensive.

dim sum

Clockwise from top left: shark’s fin dumplings; prawn and coriander dumplings; scallop dumplings; prawn and corn dumplings.

Shanghai dumpling

Above: Shanghai dumplings.

egg yolk bun

Above: A dim sum fanatic’s version of heaven – salted egg yolk custard bun. It’s a soft baked bun with a salted egg yolk custard filling – not at all salty, but it has the grainy luxurious texture of a salted egg yolk. Topped off with sweet crackled crumb, it’s fantastic.

However their service is not up to scratch. When not under the watch of the manager, their waiters are lazy. Food is not served consistently or willingly. Their trolleys are wheeled exclusively around the biggest tables – leaving smaller tables unfed and very unhappy. Ironically and annoyingly, they are very efficient at whisking away empty dishes. And what’s up with the tv screens advertising movies? Not classy at all.

So yes, the only reason to go to Dragon Palace: the food. Which fortunately for them, is heavenly.


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  1. Upsidedown Cow

    I’ve eaten Dim Sum all my life. Love this place’s variety and because of that fact, trumps all others.

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