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After stuffing ourselves with fish & chips at Ciccerello’s, we ventured to San Churro for a fix of chocolate. Walking past the hordes of alfresco diners, a stone faced exterior and dark wooden interior indicated to us we had exited the realm of italiano and arrived in spanish chocolate territory.

‘Chocolate shall be your salvation’ quotes and high hopes fed our anticipation to be redeemed by churros and chocolate. What a wicked way to while away a Sunday arvo. Talking about salvation, our last chocolate bender took place in Queenstown, at an unsupposing store called Patagonia – and by god, that place was goooooood. But alas, what is a girl in Perth to do?

Hoping San Churro would live up to our last sweet experience, I sent the bf to go find seats while I, unsupervised, deviously and gleefully over ordered! It’s all in the name of research right? ;) My eyes almost popped out of my head, when the lady at the counter asked me what type of chocolate would I like – milk, dark or white? Choices of chocolate!!! Indecision reigned (err, can I have all three? hehe), until I remembered I was not alone – and supposedly ‘sharing is caring’ – so opted for milk in deference to the bf’s tastes. The counter is filled with cocoa bean confections – chocolate pops, assorted truffles and as if the menu isn’t enough choice, there’s a cake fridge flouting more sweet stuff. For the die hards, there’s also a bookcase of San Churro products and merchandise.

The chocolateria is tastefully decked out in a spanish flavour. Wooden tables, wrought iron fixtures and dark coffee leather chairs complete the picture. Scooping up the latest magazine and sinking into the tautly worn couch, San Churro could be a cool place to hang out. Can you imagine a chocolate shop being your regular haunt? I could! Anyway, the food had yet to speak for itself and I was already imagining the merchandise I could bring home.

Ice chocolate and a chocolate tapas plate arrived fairly quickly. The chocolate tapas looked small but we quickly found out there is only so much chocolate one can consume before mind and body start to protest and the tastebuds start to cringe from sugar! It was more than enough as dessert for two. The chocolate tapas included a few churros with a chocolate dipping sauce. Clearly, these are the rock stars here. The churro’s were great – warm from the fryer and crispy along its ridges, this is the donut elevated. Dunked into the sauce, it was sublime and wicked – I felt like I was going to hell by eating it. That smooth, warm chocolate sauce – I could have drowned everything on that tapas plate in it, it was that good. I could have swum in that chocolate sauce, like a crazed oompa-loompa.

I have to admit, the rest of the tasting plate was an anticlimax after the churros. The chocolate ice cream was very sweet, I think it was made from condensed milk. Creamy and chocolatey, it wasn’t bad. Two truffles were also included in the tapas. The first truffle with the red icing didn’t taste of anything really, so it may have been a nut flavour. The second truffle had peanuts in it, which was pleasant but like the first one, didn’t taste like anything in particular. One thing that stood out (badly) was the cheapness of the chocolate. It did not have the quality of good chocolate – it lacked aroma, creaminess and did not taste fresh. The taste of fat lingered on the tongue after the sweetness had faded.

Although the tapas plate was displayed with strawberries we did not receive any with our order. I think this inclusion would have cut through the richness of the tapas (plus give something else to dunk into the chocolate sauce!).

My ‘hot and cold’ drink – a spanish hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream – was served only after I reminded a waitress about it. However the drink was heavenly and worth the wait. Pushing the ice cream into the drink, the white dollop churned over the thick ooze of the hot chocolate. The drink is so rich and thick, it could barely be defined as a beverage. More a dessert, the juxtaposition of hot versus cold was fantastic. Slurping the chilled milkiness of the icecream through the velvety chocolate drink was indulgent. Unfortunately I couldn’t appreciate it (or finish it) because we were so overloaded with sugar and chocolate. It was like an affogato but so much better! Oh talking about affogato, San Churro also serve coffee, which probably would be a better choice as respite for the palate.

hot and cold

So the verdict on San Churro. Well, it’s not cheap for what you get. Initially I thought the prices were okay, being a chocolate shop and having fairly unique products. But once the food had arrived and was tasted, I think the prices are a little steep considering the quality and the workmanship of the chocolate.

The chocolate was nothing compared to the quality I expected. In fact, the Lindt Cafes or Koko Black outlets (over east) would easily out class San Churro. In essence, I thought the chocolate was very average and regular. So, pass on the tapas plate, the cakes and the chocolate bars and make a beeline for the churros!

– 13 churros out of 20 –

Up’s: Churros!! Spanish hot chocolate. Something a bit different for Perth.

Down’s: Inconsistent service. High prices for mediocre choccies.

Chocolateria San Churro, 91 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160

T: (08) 9336 7557

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 8:30am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 8:30am – 11pm


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  1. Upsidedown Cow

    Nice place to chill out with a ‘hot and cold’ especially if you are not a coffee drinker.

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