tomato lake

Picnic rug + lake + Nando’s =  a fine way to soak up the spring weather, let alone spend a lunch break.


Pulling out a picnic rug, and enjoying char grilled chicken, I’m so glad spring has finally sprung.

I accidentally came across Tomato Lake when I lost my way driving to work (so much for shortcuts). I was pleasantly surprised there was such a lake in Belmont. Much babbling and praise about a beautiful park and lake followed, and now it is one of my sister’s favourite spots too.

The surprises don’t stop there. There’s a little cafe here, run by delightful people. Don’t judge the book by its cover, because the shop defies its ice cream sponsored exterior. Apart from the usual, the shop serves fresh, quality lunches (their chicken salad is tasty) and sweets. Plus they do a good coffee!


blue billed duck


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  1. Shez

    Gosh, how idyllic! It’s on beautiful sunny Fridays like this that I wish I had an undiscovered location, a red checked picnic rug and a bag full of grilled chicken and chip goodness :)

  2. mei

    Hi Shez! It’s a beautiful day here too and I wish I could go on another picnic =) Anything with chips counts as ‘goodness’ I say! Have a good weekend. xox

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