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Even though our 9pm booking was a little on the late side for dinner, we were looking forward to a climactic supper of wonderful italian food at Galileo. We had been staving off our appetites at Pata Negra and finally our table at Galileo was awaiting. Located in a quiet street in Shenton Park, just a stone’s throw from Star Anise, the full house restaurant looked promising.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because only one feature stood out through the horrible affliction of both the cold and the hayfever – the very, very long wait for our meals. We ordered almost immediately after sitting down and we waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for our food!! We ordered at 9pm, to receive our food at 10:15pm. Omg.

The bread and olive oil tided us over for about ten minutes, but as the clock approached 10pm, it became obvious Galileo does not take its second sitting seriously. It felt denigrating to wait more than an hour for our dishes , only to gobble it up in merely ten minutes. It’s even worse when the table next to us enjoyed preferential treatment over their desserts when we were so waiting for the first signs of our dinner!

Anyway, the food. Okay, granted, the food is good! It is very easy to see why Galileo’s was so busy. The food is not run-of-the-mill italian but actual authentic cuisine – the kind italian grandmas would cook and proudly serve. You could almost imagine sitting on a terrace in Tuscany eating your dinner, overlooking the countryside.

I ordered one of the daily specials, which was fettucine with duck livers and truffle paste. The fettucine is made on the premises and true to the waitress’ word, it was velvety and smooth. The duck livers were just cooked (a little pink in the center) and the smell of truffle was unmistakable. Salty, gritty fresh parmesan gave the finishing touch, pushing it to near perfect flavour. The dish was luxurious and delicious to eat, slipping on to my fork too willingly.

duck liver fettucine

sardinian dumplings bottarga

The bf ordered the sardinian dumplings with salmon and dried cod roe shavings (bottarga). This was a really interesting dish as I had never seen anything like it before, let alone the bottarga. The saffron laced dumplings were like gnocchi, shaped like ridged torpedos. The thin sauce was flavoursome, the salmon flakey, tender and moist. The bottarga shavings are an acquired taste – very pungent, rubbery and crumbly – a salty concentration of roe. We ordered salads with our meals which were barely touched. The entree sized pastas were larger than anticipated. Not sure if this is always the case or perhaps we got up-sized portions due to our extraordinary wait.

Would love to come back to Galileo’s one day. If we do, it would be for the first dinner sitting. But I’d be hesitant because of the wait – you know – once bitten, twice shy.

– 8.5 truffles out of 20 –

(On food alone it would score higher but that wait really killed our dinner!)

Up’s: Really authentic, good food – but I wait over an hour for it? No. Good service from the waiters, extremely prompt, polite and knowledgable.

Down’s: THE WAIT!!

Galileo Buona Cucina, 199 – 203 Onslow Road, Shenton Park WA 6008

T: (08) 9382 3343

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 12 – 10pm
Saturday 6 – 10pm


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  1. Una Hosgood

    I have just read you blog & would just like to say that as the Manager & Part Owner of Galileo I am very very sorry for your experience with the wait. I am not sure what happened that night but can only apologize & let you know that we do indeed take all of our guests seriously no matter of what time they are booked in for. We do not push for 2 sittings but may have offered a late table if we were already fully booked. Although all of our food is cooked fresh to order and may take a little longer than in some restaurants – we certainly do not expect any guests to wait such a long time for a meal.

    I am happy to hear that you did enjoy your meal and would like to extend a personal invitation for you to return to Galileo and hope that we can improve on your last experience. Please feel free to call me personally if you feel confident to give us a second chance and I will personally ensure that you will not have such a long wait.

    I thank you for your honest review.

    Kind regards

    Una Hosgood

  2. mei

    Hi Una,

    Thank you for your comment on the review. I welcome any feedback and it is comforting to know restaurant owners read online reviews.

    My sister loves your restaurant and as it was her birthday, it was a natural choice for dinner. Unfortunately, the lengthy wait was somewhat caused by the waiters not noticing how long we were waiting for our mains. We had to ask one of the waiters about our dinner. Commendably he went to check with the kitchen and said our meals would be ready in three minutes – and indeed it really was delivered within three minutes!

    We did enjoy our meal very much, I think the food at Galileo’s is terrific, memorable and very different from the mainstream italian restaurants in Perth. Will certainly give you a call if we come around for dinner again.

  3. Maureen Hammond

    We have dined often at Galileo Restaurant, and most recently early last evening. We ordered a bottle of wine, which was brought to the table, and my husband was shown the label; the wine ordered was quoted on the menu as vintage 2005. The wine offered was 2007. As this had happened in previous visits, Geoff pointed this out, and the wine was taken away. A few minutes later a woman came and told us that there is a misprint on the wine-list. We ordered another, and this time, a 2006 listed wine was in fact a 2007 vintage. At this stage, we gave in, and accepted it. Nobody seemed concerned. It was poured into the generic glasses which had already been on the table, and when we noticed that an adjoining table had their red wine in the appropriate larger glasses, I asked the waiter when he next appeared, why we were not offered appropriate glasses. He said that the proper glasses are reserved for “Premium wines – those over $100”.
    I still find the whole episode amazing, and we will not return.
    The food is fantastic, and always has been. The customer is now treated in a very cavalier fashion. What a shame.

  4. mei


    Hi Maureen! Sorry to hear about your wine debacle. It’s worrying when misprinting at least two times on a menu is no concern to anyone, especially since you are paying good money for it. Flabbergasted at the ‘proper glasses’ for premium wines statement. Can’t help to wonder if the waiter cringed to say that to a customer!

    The food at Galileo is fantastic, no doubt about it. But sometimes, fabulous food is not enough to warrant a return visit, is it?

    Thanks Maureen for letting us know about your experience. Keep on reading and if you find another restaurant with good italian food let me know!


  5. Josie

    I just wanted to add my comments here, as an avid reader of this blog, and a huge fan of Galileo.

    My family and I go to Galileo regularly. We generally have our dinner earlier in the evening, and have always really enjoyed the food and the service. I’m sure I sound like an ad, but if you haven’t gone back to Galileo yet, do it! You’re missing out!

  6. mei

    Josie – Hi Josie! Thanks for dropping in, it’s always exciting to have a reader comment the first time! :) I really loved Galileo’s food despite our first experience and haven’t made it back for a repeat visit – there’s simply too many places to visit and too much good food to cook in the kitchen. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Josie

    Yeah, second visits can be tough with so many new places always opening up in Perth. I can recommend Prego in Wembley for a newish place doing good Italian if you haven’t tried it yet. :)

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