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An early dinner – we managed to sneak into the fully booked restaurant by rocking up unceremoniously early. I love the counter top seats, so I can observe the chef – calmly distribute his skills around the kitchen and his kitchen minions waiting for the next move.

As usual the customer service was great. The food was as great as our last visit though this time was a bit more special with uni (sea urchin) on our tastebuds. Uni, is commonly known as sea urchin roe but are actually the ovaries of the creature (here’s couple of links about uni – sushi faq and what is uni and why should I eat it?).  It’s a rare find in Perth and although it’s expensive my experimental streak wins out over the purse strings. The uni sushi has a buttery texture and tastes intensely ‘of the sea’. It pays to have a careful look at the specials board, you never know what you might find. We also had the grilled squid tentacles as a starter – which was surprisingly excellent. Patiently cooked on the chargrill, the squid legs were tender, juicy with the crispy acrid taste of the charred narrow ends. Tied together with the flavours of lemon and mayonaise, Kanta’s treatment of the humble squid takes it to the next level.


For a main I had salmon with ‘special Kanta sauce’. A fillet of salmon panfried with a creamy, slightly spicy and very tasty sauce. I could have licked the plate clean! The salmon was perfectly cooked, with the luscious deep pink tint still visible in the center. The bf had the beef fillet steak in special teriyaki sauce – which induced severe food envy upon seeing the chef produce a big hunk of deep red aged fillet steak. It’s quite sensuous to watch the juicy rare cooked steak being sliced up into voluptuous chunks, stacked on a bed on beansprouts and garnished with spring onion. I’m ordering that next time! Unfortunately I did not snap a picture of it – probably because I too busy drooling with envy. This dish is probably one of the best on the menu, although being the most expensive main dish, the quality, taste and presentation makes it good value too.

Up’s: Small intimate and unpretentious. Accessible, authentic japanese food – try the beef fillet teriyaki or the sashimi.

Down’s: Can be on the pricey side for serving size.

Food: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Service: 4.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

Kanta Japanese Kitchen and Sushi, 7/76 Langford Avenue, Langford WA 6147
T: (08) 9451 5720

Tue to Sun 11.30 – 2
Tue to Sun 5.30 – 9


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