cantina 663 – mt lawley

Fiori coffee. <3

I’ve been dying to try Cantina 663 for a really long time now. Call me a proverbial sheep, I’m really curious about this Perth hot spot. The spotlight has now moved to Pata Negra (or is it the Greenhouse now?) and with the thought it may be easier to obtain a table nowadays, I dragged my dearest mother to Cantina 663 for breakfast (poor mum haha).

Cantina 663 enjoys the patronage of the hip, young and old. It’s a small restaurant with its dining area stretching to the adjacent arcade. It’s a warm day and we opt for an inside seat. Upon seeing the bags of Fiori beans, we order a flat white and latte (even though my digestive system disagrees with coffee, I make exception for Fiore!). Putting aside the archetypal bacon and toast options, great minds think alike and we unaminously choose the house smoked salmon and homemade baked beans with bacon.

The service here is cheerful and very quick on the mark. I like how the water is served in former wine bottles with labels still attached. And I also love the jars of pickles, distressed walls and scribbled blackboards which give Cantina an individual devil-may-care look.

Breakfast arrives and I am stunned by the smoked salmon. It’s a very beautiful dish – more herbaceous than expected, the plate is dominated by dill and chives. With trepidation I prepare for herb overload, but surprisingly the texture of the herbs enhance the asparagus and salmon. Oh that house smoked salmon. Pale pink chunks with a ruby blush, it’s woody, aromatic and delicate. The eggs are perfectly poached – and you won’t hear me say that very often. The yolks ooze over the hazelnuts, herbs and salmon – the dish screams spring and is the antithesis of the traditional stodgy breakfast. If this is on the menu – try it!

Which brings us to the spanish baked beans with fried eggs and ciabatta. The baked beans are stewed with bacon lardons, giving the dish a smokey overtone despite the small amount of pork. Maybe I’ve been eating canned baked beans for too long but I found them the beans too chewy for my liking. However the sauce was delicious and rich. The eggs were fried to a crisp on one side, leaving a perfect bullseye runny egg yolk. The toasted ciabatta was chewy and dense and another slice would have been appreciated (I’m greedy – especially for good bread!).

House smoked salmon

Spanish baked beans with eggs and toast

Cantina fills up fast – and it’s easy to see why. The coffee is exceptional and the service is excellently attentive. To top it off, the breakfast menu presents a point of difference and both the dishes we ordered were executed really well. The high quality produce and emphasis on house specialities make Cantina shine. We’ll be back!

Cantina 663, 663 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley WA 6050
T: (08) 9370 4883

Opening Hours:
Breakfast 7 days 8 – 11.30am
Lunch 7 days noon – 3pm
Dinner Mon – Sat 6 – late


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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Why haven’t I been here yet? Hopefully your review will be the kick up the bum I need.

  2. mei

    @Conor We had the aforementioned dinner at Cantina just this weekend. It’s best to go for their coffee and breakfasts – there’s a reason why they have started taking diner bookings I reckon…

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