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We went to the Clontarf Farmers Market yesterday and it was great! Considering it has only been open for a month, the markets are decently sized and have a good range of produce. Finally, a farmers market in the Manning area! It’s a beautiful location for a farmers market, shaded by the tall pines and has more than ample parking, close to the markets itself.

There are numerous stalls, most fresh food supplies can be bought (except dairy, but that will probably change). Fruit and vegetable stalls (prices are fairly reasonable and there’s a good range, especially if hopping from stall to stall), bakery stalls hawking fresh baguettes, loaves and pastries and vendors selling fresh macadamias, free range eggs, olives, preserves and tea make up a varied and complete market. Fish is sold from a back of a freezer van and a couple of butchers sell lamb and beef in vacuum packs. I should have taken note of the producers but I think they were the usual biodynamic and free range meats.

Hungry shoppers can have breakfast underneath the Clontarf trees, with tables and chairs provided. Little sweet things can be sought from Sophisticakes (they sell macarons!), there’s sausages and crepes and caffeine is provided from the highly popular Yahava coffee van.

I know, its not exactly food but since I have a kitchen garden I had to have a snoop around one of the plant stalls. The plants, especially the herbs, are cheap and very, very healthy. I bought a pot of sage for $2 and hard-to-find french tarragon for $3.50. They sell pots of cherry tomatoes, zucchini and lettuces for equally good prices – all are notably mature, yielding produce in just a few weeks. In the case of lettuces, the leaves could be picked straightaway and you can’t get much fresher than that.

Clontarf Farmers Market is definitely worth a look, especially if you live near Manning, as the current farmers’ markets in Perth are either in the western suburbs or in the regional satellites (e.g. Peel, Armadale, Midland).

New additions to the herb garden

Clontarf Farmers’ Market
Clontarf Aboriginal College (opposite Curtin University) Manning Road, Bentley WA 6102
Open every Saturday 8am – 1pm

See the farmers’ markets page for a listing of markets in and around Perth.

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  1. Devan

    My family has been going to the Clontarf Markets nearly every week. They love the place and have told me good things about it. I haven’t been there yet – probably because I spend way too much time going out to eat. Your post just confirms that visiting it is a must! Thanks :)

  2. mei

    @Devan Hi Devan! I was really surprised at the range and size of the markets. Honestly I was expecting something small – like the Claremont Farmers market. The option of shopping for fresh produce, good bread and having a cooked breakfast under the pines is definitely something to look forward to on the weekend.

    There’s always that dilemma of going out to eat versus cooking at home…. There are simply too many things to eat, too many places to try and too many places to return to! I would say eat everything but I would probably triple in size.

  3. Jess B

    I’m definitely going to have to visit a farmers’ market. I use herbs in absolutely everything and would love to have a herb garden too and if they’re cheap to buy here (and look healthy!) then I will have to check them out. :o)

  4. mei

    @Jess B Hey I’m drinking the Ceylon Pekoe tea you gave me right now. =) It’s nice and light. Herbs are mighty useful for cooking. I would know but my herbs keep getting eaten or die from my neglect… Btw I have a spare oregano plant if you’d like.

  5. Madge

    The market is great. I went today for the first time after reading an article mentioning it in the “West” last week. I usually go to the Midland market but that is sooo much further for me to travel. The Manning market is more genteel than the Midland one which is a great bustling workers type market with bulk selling as well as individual items. But the prices are much the same and the shade and grass is such a bonus against a street and the hot sun. Bread, cheeses, dairy, meats, vegetables, fruit, eggs, flowers, plants, biscuits, pickles food to eat and coffee etc. I will go there in future.

  6. mei


    Glad you loved the Manning markets. It’s something we really need in the city (and not just the western suburbs!!). I’m planning on heading to more farmer’s markets around town, so let me know if you have any tips!! ;)

    Thanks for your comment and keep reading.


  7. spot trigwell

    I am a farmer from the south who has fruit I would like to sell at these markets. could any one please give me a name and contact number of someone who could help me. We have tree ripened plums which are juicy and sweet. Thanks

  8. mei


    Hi, have a look at this website, there is a phone number for stall holders:

  9. Tracey Forder

    There’s another fresh produce market opening soon in the City of Joondalup on Saturday 13th March. The Springfield Market Kallaroo opens its gates to the public from 09h30 til 12h30, every 2nd & 4th Saturday and will have a variety or fruit, veggies and locally-produced pantry items. It’s a school P&C venture so it’s hoped it will be a great success! Perhaps we’ll see some of you there.

  10. mei

    Springfield Kallaroo Markets are launching next week 13th of March! So mosey on up to Kallaroo and show the P&C support and fill up on fresh fruit and veggies at the same time.

    If anyone would like to be a vendor at the Springfield Markets, I can pass on Tracey’s email.

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  13. oneofthesedays

    The Armadale Producers Market is only once a month – I believe 3rd Sunday, regardless of what their web site says.

    I got caught out rolling up to Kelmscott one week to see cricketers on the field and no market. I was not impressed. I haven’t yet made it back.

    They have now moved to Kelmscott SHS Farm.

  14. mei


    Hey, thanks for the update. I’ve changed the details to every third sunday. I rocked up to Minnawarra Park one morning and yep, not a soul in sight! And no signs either. =/ No market = no joy…

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