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Pizza is one of a small group of foods, which usually float along on positive mediocrity or are just plain bad. With this in mind I was a bit of a sceptic when we stepped into Il Padrino for a quick lunch. The caffe has been on my must-eat list for ages, owing to a friend who swears by Il Padrino for his weekly lunch treat.

Photos of Nunzio with various people (Pope being the most notable) pepper the walls and cheap plastic sheets line the tables, injecting affable personality into the huge space. The service is efficient if not a little abrupt but we came for the pizza and pizza we got!

Two discs of wood fired pizzas soon arrived – firstly, the Il Padrino pizza with ham, bacon, mushrooms. The other, the Papa Benedictine the 16th pizza of eggplant, potato and salami. Taking the first bite I thought the pizza was okay, probably not the best in Perth but definitely passable. But…

The eggplant was delicious – creamy, chunky and flavoursome. The potato was fluffy pieces of roasted spuds, lending chunks of blandness to the otherwise strong toppings. The pizza was scant on cheese, which let the salami shine in its oily flavours. It was only after a few pieces I realised the pizza certainly looks like nothing special (well then again you should never judge a book by its cover) but with every bite, I loved it even more.

The pizza is a more than the sum of its parts – the quality ingredients and the combinations make a pizza which I simply could not stop eating! This was not a pizza which wowed on the first piece, only to have a few pieces left because it was too oily. Nunzio’s pizzas are made to last – the formula of simple combinations, good ingredients and chewy thin base, makes you eat the whole pizza happily.

(this is a temporary location, so check their website for updates)

Il Padrino Caffe, 91 James Street, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9227 9065

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11am – late
Saturday 5pm – late

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