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A french breakfast…

A favourite of cyclists and french aficionados alike, this little bakery in the Perth hills is a gem. We made the leisurely drive up the hills on a quiet weekday when it is much more peaceful (however I’d recommend combining a visit to Le Croissant with a trip to the Kalamunda Farmers’ Market).

The cafe was quiet, with a few locals milling about enjoying the coffee. The bakery is not fully stocked on weekdays but the best stuff is still available. The velvety quiches, perfect pear tarts and tiny, beautiful cakes, like works of art are displayed in the humble and rustic bakery. It’s a privilege to visit a highly popular place whilst it is calm and collected – there’s no crowds, plenty of empty tables and good service. Having the place almost to ourselves and listening to the sounds of the bush, the jostle of the city crowds could not be any further away.

The smell of the bakery is divine – the aroma of fresh, crusty bread and the sweet, stickiness of glazed pastries linger in the air. I could eat a whole baguette for breakfast but decide against it. Instead we go for somewhat more sensible breakfast options, I guess. We order a chilli chocolate, a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) and  the french breakfast – the cafe au lait, which is a bowl of coffee and two croissants.

The french breakfast gets the thumbs up from the bf. The croissants are delightfully flakey, buttery and crusty. The are good. In fact, they are the best we’ve had in a while. The big bowl of coffee is milky but strong. The sheer quantity of coffee eliminates any pastry-fuelled stupor and gives a kick start to the day!

The chocolate croissant is gobbled up in record time. The sugar pearl topping adds sweet crunch, while a modest amount of chocolate on the inside makes the buttery pastry even more decadent. No ordinary drinking chocolate but a thick sludge of spicy cocoa, the chilli chocolate deserves its house specialty status. The chilli gives a hot kick at the end of each slurp. It’s so rich I can’t bear to finish it!

The Jesuite pastry is the sweet finish to our rich breakfast. Named after the Jesuit three cornered hat, the pastry consists of the lightest and crispiest puff pastry, a pistachio flavoured frangipane and a crumbly sugar topping. Approaching the Jesuite with cutlery was a mistake. One forceful chop and the topping crumbles and bits go flying in each direction! So eating it with fingers was the way to go. The pastry is quite good, much better than it looks. The frangipane is fragrant is moist whilst the topping is powdery and super sweet.

I wanted to stuff the car with cakes to take home but my hips said no. Maybe another time (I have my eye on the pear tart!).

Le Croissant Du Moulin, 169 Railway Road, Gooseberry Hill WA 6076
T: (08) 9293 4345
W: http://www.lecroissant.com.au

Opening hours:
Wed – Sun 7.30 – 5pm

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