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After the turkey-thon which was Christmas Day, I managed to eke out some appetite and pull myself away from the Boxing Day sales to try a few sticks of satay. All in the name of research of course.

To my relief, the satay at Satay Spot is cooked on an authentic burner. This rules out any sacrilegiously deep fried versions which are very commonly passed off as satay. Cooked with care over hot coals, the satay is served when it is well and truly ready, and flavoursome.

I ordered the small satay meal – 4 chicken satays, with veges and rice cubes. Served in an elegant windowed box, it’s clearly a modern and fast food friendly intepretation for the masses. Two narrow loaves of rice ‘cubes’ hold up the satay sticks which are drenched in a creamy satay sauce and garnished with fried shallots. The veges are a scant slaw of cabbage and carrot. Mini prawn crackers add the final flourish. It’s attractively presented with attention to detail.

The satay is pretty good – considering it is fast food. The satay sauce is creamy – the roasted peanut taste is delicious and I try to smother everything in the box with it! The only downfall are the rice ‘cubes’ which are stodgy and very bland. It would have been a better option to order the meal with steamed rice (albeit, the unauthentic option).

Satay Spot is a quick, easy way to get a satay fix without going to a sit-down restaurant or accepting dodgy deep fried sticks of meat. There’s a few dessert options and seemingly authentic dishes like gado-gado salad, so I might go back and explore the menu a bit more.

Satay Spot, Shop M10, Murray Street Level, Carillion City, Perth WA 6000
T: (08) 6161 5383

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu 10 – 5
Fri 10 – 8pm
Sat – Sun 11 – 4


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  1. Paoched Perth

    We like satay spot too!

    Your blog is great!

  2. mei


    Mmm satay. Even being traumatised by an experience selling satay at a festival (incessant smoke + incessant customers = hell), I still love them!

    What a coincidence – I was just reading your blog just this morning!

  3. Erin

    Oooh, I love satay, but I’m never in the city! Have you tried Mahsuri in Vic Park (and if so, what’s your opinion)? My apologies if you’ve reviewed it here – I only just found your blog but I’m liking it so far!

  4. mei


    Hi Erin! The last time I went tto Mahsuri (which was 8 months ago?) the service was slow and glum – otherwise the food was good. The satay is cooked to order on a charcoal burner so be prepared to wait. From what I remember, their lunch specials are decently priced and there’s a voucher for it in the Entertainment Book if you happen to have one.

    Thanks for you comment and happy eating! =)


  5. Justin

    If you are really after good authentic satay, you will need to try Mr WeeZee Satay. However, they do not sell cooked satay, but fresh and/or frozen that you can then take home to cook up on the BBQ or grill. They have two stores in Perth. Look them up, try them and let me know what you think!

  6. mei


    Heya Justin! Sounds like an option for an easy bbq =) Thanks for the tip.

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