fuschia dunlop, the gourmet farmer & aquaculture

Some of my picks from my overblown list of web reads – food focussed of course (what else!).

Fuschia Dunlop – posts fascinating insights into China, its food, culture and people. Knows more about chinese food than the average chinese person!

Gourmet Farmer – follows Matt Evan’s journey to becoming a self sufficient farmer, filming his joys and pitfalls of living in clean and green Tassie. Like a lot of people, he is living out my retirement dream (retirement is oh so far, far, far away for me!). The best bit about the series is the emphasis on local produce. He even kills his own chickens – sometimes it’s confronting but definitely worth watching. Whole episodes can be viewed online after airing (no breaks – yay) and the blog gives insight into life on the farm.

Epicurious Cake Baking Primer – a complete guide to cake baking – types of cakes, techniques and chemistry. There’s a bread primer too.

Everton Online – online kitchenware shop with good prices. Even better than regular outlets (Kitchenware Direct, Myer etc). Le Chasseur dutch oven, come to mama!

Ethicurean ‘There Be Dragons – always thought farming fish was an eco-friendly idea? I did, until I read these articles and realised the majority of farmed fish are fed fish meal produced from wild caught fish stock. Almost one third of ALL wild fish caught GLOBALLY is rendered into fish meal and oil. Fish farming is not so straightforward as it was marketed to be. (Note: be wary of farmed prawns – there’s a reason why they are cheaper – and don’t buy nannygai or orange roughy!).

Alright, that’s it for now… refraining from revealing the extent of my scarily large online reading. I read so much on the web that I hardly have time to blog. That’s my excuse anyway.


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  1. Steph

    Also Peter’s of Kensington for online kitchen/serving/household stuffs:http://www.petersofkensington.com.au/Product/CategoryInfo.aspx?cid=524&category=true

  2. mei


    Thanks =) Shopping is always welcome here ;)

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