golden bbq seafood restaurant – canning vale

The combination of location, quick service, tasty food and reasonable prices sees us walking through the doors of Golden BBQ more often than we care to think about. Amongst the retail market shops of Market City sits a genuine chinese BBQ restaurant. Ducks, chicken and racks of pork hang in the window, teasing all meat lovers with their caramel gleam.

Walk in and there’s a decent restaurant, complete with a live fish tank. The service is always quick and the food is good. The lunch specials menu is decent and recently, we found out the pale looking fried rice (one that was met with trepidation) was fantastic – it still had the smokiness of the wok in its taste (known as ‘wok hei’ flavour or essence of the wok). The beef brisket was tasty and comforting, sitting in tasty gravy, swaddled by the fried rice.

Roast duck. Quack quack.

Be still, my beating heart.

I always order one dish from here – the pork belly dry noodles. I tend to be adventurous when visiting a new place, I have no qualms with trying the wierd and wacky. But its always with one ambition in mind – to find the specialty of the kitchen, the one dish they always execute well and consistently. It’s not an easy task, but once found, I become a creature of habit and only ever order that one dish from the kitchen. I love pork belly and I love wanton noodles. They cook both of these quite well so the pork belly noodles is a no brainer. Soft tender pieces of streaky pork belly are braised in a pickle laced sauce and served with just cooked wanton noodles. Not for those avoiding saturated fat, or salt for that matter, the dish tends to be better when the chef is generously with the pickled vegetables. I like to think the pickled vegetables cut through the pork fat (yeah right!), even though they are pretty much dissolved in the gravy.

However, there’s no point of coming to a place called BBQ King if you aren’t going to eat roasted meat. On our table, there is half a roasted duck which is devoured until we cannot finish the very last (and delicious!) looking piece. I have to admit, this suburbian roast duck does rival its Northbridge counterparts. The duck is golden, slightly crispy and the dark luscious meat is tender. We have never had a skinny duck here or an overly fatty one either. The turnover here is busy – a favourite amongst the local chinese population – and all the roast meats are fresh. If you watch the chef chop away, the ducks are so juicy that he has to slit open the cavity to let the juices gush out.

As usual, we’ll be back.

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant, Shop 7/280 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155
T: (08) 9456 1368


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