summer holidays

Man, I miss the holidays!

Il Padrino’s (already been back for more). Le Croissant. Good stuff from Boatshed in Cott. Xmas present – love it to bits, high recommend this to budding gardeners. Kite surfers on the Swan River on a windy day, seen from a hidden walkway near Ardross. Bubbly for NYE (what else). Roses for me (bought by me – welcome to the modern age).


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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Happy photos! Lovely!

  2. mei

    Aw thanks Conor! Can’t wait for the next round of holidays…. Come on June – hurry up!


  3. Devan

    Ooh, nice photos! Liking the new layout already :)

  4. mei

    Hey thanks! It’s almost finished thank gawd.

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