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It’s not a hat. It’s not a crepe. It’s a tisu paratha!

Whenever the mood to cook fails us or we are feeling just plain lazy, Spencer Village is our regular contingency. Just like a hawker center, it’s basic, unpretentious – order your food, tell the dude your table number and wait for your authentic asian meal.

However, during our last visit, disaster struck! Our favourite stall – Fook Kee – was closed and had gone on holiday! (FYI they’ll be back at the end of Feb) Whilst lamenting the absence of Fook Kee’s much loved delicious poh-piah (fresh spring rolls) and mounds of sticky rice with chicken, we suddenly realised a new stall had opened next door called Suzi’s Parata Place.

One look at the menu of dosai, parathas and biryani… I knew I was about to become a well acquainted customer. We observed the slick roti dough being tossed, flexed and stretched until it was translucent – so thin you could read through it. The roti here had to be good. We quickly ordered two dishes to try and waited with anticipation.

One crispy taste of the tisu parata (roti tisu) and I was completely hooked. An impossibly thin layer of paratha – crispy to the point of brittle – its underneath dusted with sugar. The contrasting sweet, oily and savoury flavours were perfect. And you know what sent it to the stratosphere? The curry sauce. I know, I know, curry sauce served with roti is usually quite ho-hum, but this one took me back to Malaysia, sitting by the roadside, watching a cook slap parathas around. Yeah it was so good, I even put my dosai (a fermented lentil crepe – actually tastes a lot better than it sounds) into it. The dosai was pretty good – it was less crispy than I’d like but the coconut chutney made up for it and more. The chutney was surprisingly mild. I still remember my very first encounter with a portion of seemingly harmless chutney – it was almost lethal, numbing my whole mouth and losing my tastebuds for a good half hour! To my relief, this one was slightly spicy and the acid was masked by the creamy coconut texture which was slightly sweet. Perfect.

We didn’t stop there. I returned to the stall like a slavering glutton and ordered a paratha (served with the same fantastic sauce) and biryani. The biryani rice was really good – speckled with multicoloured grains, the freshly spiced rice was aromatic and more-ish. However, the chicken was a bit dry, I think next time (oh yes there will definitely be a next time!) I will ask for mutton curry. The paratha was light and flakey and wacked the frozen versions out of the ballpark. Buttery and soft and crispy, there’s no need to go overseas to try authentic roti. Just drive to Thornlie.

Suzie’s Prata House, Shop 10m Spencer Village Shopping Center, 200 Spencer Road, Thornlie WA 6108

Opening Hours:
Spencer Village Food Court is open Wed – Sun, Lunch and Dinner


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