v burger bar – victoria park

Mr Pinky and I wage war on each other. It’s a tough battle but believe it or not, I think Mr Pinky won.

Who is Mr. Pinky? A salmon burger of course! Reminds me of Mr Pinchy from the Simpsons, but very much less alive. We are at V Burger Bar – one of the latest burger bars plying the newfound burger craze in Perth. It’s small place with a London themed decor. It’s young and fresh and suits Vic Park nicely, bringing something unique to the strip.

Unfortunately, Mr Pinky is a bit too big for me. No matter how I cram the burger into my mouth I can never get a full bite. Blame it on the generously sized fillet of salmon. It’s tender, juicy and firm. Not one piece of the gourmet salad slips out of the burger and I think that says something about the construction of it. The burger was well made, kept together superbly, even without the skewer which was stabbed through it. The bread was like soft ciabatta – spongey, golden and gorgeous –  it’s delicious and quite unique. However, I found the combination of the oiled grilled bun, the oily salmon and the mayo dressing a bit overwhelmingly greasy. Spongey bread has a habit of sucking up liquids, and I found with every bite, the spongey bread squeezed out even more oil onto the plate.

To add more calories to the matter we ordered a side of onion rings and chips. The onion rings are the good old fashioned kind – no rings of acrid mush here. Delicate onion rings are dipped in batter and fried, served with aioli. My advice is if you are ordering a burger with aioli in it (like the bf, he ordered the Pepperizo), get a different sauce with the onion rings, lest you end up with aioli overload. The onions rings were soft and tender, the milkiness of the dip adding to the richness of the batter and onion flesh. I would have liked thicker onion rings but I’m lucky enough to get the old fashioned ones here.

The bf’s pepperizo burger got a fairly indifferent review. Consisting of a beef patty, gourmet salad, roasted peppers, spanish chorizo and aioli dressing, the flavour was there, but like mine the burger was practically spurting juices and became slippery as he progressed through it. The chorizo was too chunky to be eaten comfortably as one bite took out all the tough chorizo with it.

We finally finish eating our big, fat burgers and leave absolutely stuffed. Burger craving definitely satiated. Big burgers, nice setting and just posh enough for the burger bandwagon, my bet is that V Burger Bar will be here to stay.

Up’s:  Good burger combinations – caters to all audiences – vegetarians, you’re in luck. Good old fashioned onion rings. Lovely soft ciabatta burger buns. Service is friendly.

Down’s: Burgers are too big to chomp on. Too oily. Afterwards I felt like I swallowed a cannon ball.

Food: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 3/5

V Burger Bar, 12/910 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA
T: (08) 9355 3702

Opening Hours:
Mon 5pm – 9.30pm
Tue – Thu 11.30am – 9.30pm
Fri – Sat 11.30am – late
Sun 11.30am – 9.30pm


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note 05/05/2010: returned for lunch, found the burgers to be the same – overly juicy and oily…

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  1. Jess B

    I’m now craving a burger and some chips for lunch! Pity there are no burger bars near where Iwork. :o(

  2. Kris

    Went here today for lunch, after envying Leederville, Perth & Subi’s specialised burger joints. Both my partner & I had the FBA’s…awesome. The burgers are huge , patties tasty & non greasy, tomato relish was a lovely change from the usual ketchup. Admittedly, we did have to pull the burgers apart to eat them, but great quality & wonderful service made up for the desicration of what turned out to be a wonderful lunch. A dual edge sword however, as lunch was so substantial that the chicken, leek & mushroom pie I was going to make for dinner tonight will wait for tomorrow! Unexpected joy.

  3. mei

    I must try the FBA’s next time. Don’t you think desecrating the burger, weirdly makes it tastier? Happy to hear you had a very filling and good experience with V Burger. Oh well, leek and mushroom pie for the next day – sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. Vburger

    Pics are mouthwatering. I have to go now to a burger bar to relish them all. Thanks for the article!!!

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