oreo butter cupcakes

Made from a Homebrand packet of ‘Butter Muffins’ from Woolies. Hah bet you weren’t expecting that!

I bought the packet mix as a contingency for the day where I wanted the reward of baking without the measuring cups and forethought of softened butter. Not bad, considering it was under two bucks! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy instant frosting – wasn’t quite that lazy. Topped them off with vanilla buttercream and irresistibly cute mini oreos. The cupcakes tasted better than I expected. They were slightly reminiscent of supermarket sponge, but the springy crumb stood up to the rich buttercream rather well. Tip: Add the oreo cookies just before serving – they go a bit soft when left on the cupcake overnight.

Happily eaten for breakfast…


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  1. Jess B

    Cute cupcakes! Love the Orea idea! Definitely going to borrow it next time I’m decorating cupcakes. :o)

  2. mei


    Hey! Thanks! You know, I just got feedback from the bf the cupcakes weren’t all that good tasting lol (I thought they were alright!). The oreo cookies are such a quick way to decorate – buy them on special ;)

  3. Martin

    I was lucky enough to get one of these cupcakes the other day – they were yummy!

  4. mei


    Thanks Martin! Must bring more bribes treats in to work… You guys make good guinea pigs ;)

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