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Ploy Thai ticks all the right boxes from the outset. Small place, relatively unknown? Tick. Unpretentious. Tick. Thai food. Tick. With this in mind we made an extremely last minute book – like 20 minutes beforehand – and were told to come a little later as it was full house. A good sign I thought.

We walked in to the Eighth Avenue restaurant (the only place buzzing on the strip) to find the place full of locals and a restaurant decorated with varnished teak tables with a distinctive Thai feel. The two friendly ladies who take care of front of house, dart up and down the narrow kitchen stairs. The tables are crowded together and the service is busied with a thousand and one things, but no one seems to mind and we are seated after a couple of minutes.

We love our Thai food and decided to try Ploy Thai after reading a couple of favourable reviews. In my opinion Thai food in Perth falls into two categories, traditional and authentic, or Aussie-fied, where the food has been altered to suit local tastes. Ploy Thai seems to be the latter, with the menu restricted to fairly unadventurous curries, stir fries and salads. No matter, we still ordered way too much! We ordered the chef’s special entree – moneybags filled with minced chicken and vegetables wrapped tightly into a wad with filo pastry. The entree was bursting with filling and incredibly crisp, not to mention attractive. The sweet sauce cut through the savoury texture adding a refreshing taste.

The stuffed chicken wings were delightfully large and very well stuffed with mince. Piping hot with the stuffing well sealed in the wing ding, the chicken wings were a nice treat. As per usual, I always find entrees to be better than mains. Not sure if its because of the initial ravenous appetite or just the more-ish nature of entrees…

The Chu Chi Prawns were drenched with a rich coconut cream based curry sauce – extremely delicious and the prawns were fresh and juicy. However, I’m not sure how authentic the dish was, as it had a pronounced sweetness to it – contrary to the four flavours principle of Thai cooking – every dish has a balance of hot, sweet, salty and sour. The green curry was spicy with chunks of chicken and vegetables – however the curry lacked the intense aromatic smell of fresh green curry paste and the sensational kick of fish sauce. Shame, as it wasn’t far away from being spectacular. I guess I like my curries pungent. (On a side note, apparently Angkor Kitchen on Murray Street has fabulous green curry – anybody tried it?)

The service here is incredibly genuine and gracious – the rice is bottomless, the waitresses serve it from a big bowl, which is a nice touch. One feature which I think attracts a crowd of repeat customers is the small cosy restaurant. It feels like it could be an eatery in Bangkok, done up with some tropical kitsch and always, with pictures of the Thai royal family. The prices are reasonable, maybe a little cheaper than some places. If you like your curries slightly sweet and mild with a cosy suburban touch, Ploy Thai may be the place for you.

Up’s: Unpretentious, pleasant restaurant. Good entrees – try the chef’s special.

Down’s: Curries could be more pungent. Would’ve liked to see more traditional dishes on the menu.

Food: 3/5
Quality: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

Ploy Thai, 65A Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051
T: (08) 9272 2707

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  1. Chris

    What a pity the curries aren’t spicier, but I suppose catering to local tastes keeps the customers coming back. Have you tried Thai Orchid on Third Ave? The curry there definitely has a kick!

  2. mei


    Hello there! Catering to local tastes seems to dilute the authenticity of ethnic food in Perth, it’s a shame. I’ve heard only good things about Thai Orchid but have yet to haul myself through its doors. Definitely on my hit list ;)

    Let me know of any authentic curry finds you come across =)

  3. Su

    Angkor’s green curry is delicous! And when ordered from their lunch menu, extremely good value.

  4. mei

    Su – Finally! Some one who has had Angkor’s famous curry! Thanks for the tip Su, very much appreciated =)

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