vegetarianism, greedy geese and bunnies

A little bit of anti-religious food ranting (if that makes sense…), ethics and delectable recipes thrown in makes for a well balanced foodie’s reading diet…

Tricking geese leads to ethical foie gras, who knew. An enterprising gentleman (from Spain, no less) has discovered a way to ethically fatten geese livers, naturally. The geese live happy lives and customers can enjoy foie gras sans guilt, it’s a win win situation, albeit currently expensive. The Telegraph’s ‘Ethical Foie Gras from Naturally Greedy Geese’

Religio-Industrial Vegetarianism – crop farming vs. pastured livestock. Which will save the world?

New York Times’ Hip Hop Cuisine Rabbits as the next urban farming craze and may have a place next to the backyard chooks in the future. Looks at the slightly uncomfortable subject of raising and dispatching rabbits for consumption. Perhaps the next kitchen garden addition, but we already have epic numbers roaming the countryside here. Talking about epic – have a look at Ralph!

Okay less serious business – more eating, I say. These Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes by Smitten Kitchen look absolutely amazing with marvelous guilt laden chocolate goodness . Licking the screen is optional. I’m already looking for excuses to make them. On a slightly healthier note, this Carrot Tea Cake by Martha Stewart is appealing to my current simpler baking mantra. Oh, I have to throw this in too – Osso Bucco. Cooked it over the weekend and for a very simple stew, it is really very, very good. The combination of slow cooking (about 8 hours) and the marrow bones results in an entirely smooth and savoury braise. No wonder it’s an old italian favourite, wish I discovered it sooner.

Any interesting food related reads or upcoming events? Let me know =)


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