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It’s a warm day in Perth. Uncharacteristically warm for autumn, in fact. What we did not know, is that Kalamunda (in the hills) is uncharacteristically cold and windy.Maybe it’s just bad luck or coincidence, but whenever we head up to Kalamunda we always find it chilly.

But that won’t stop us from having ice cream. We’ve driven this far – okay it’s not that FAR a drive but in Perth everything is a maximum of 45 minutes away! The locals seem to have the same idea and despite the cold bite from the gusty air, Collodel’s ice cream is still popular.

Collodel’s is a no frills ice cream parlour (next to Bunning’s). If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have guessed this place has some of the best ice cream in the state. In this day and age of franchising and fashionable flavours, I wish honest, simple shops, like Collodel’s would make a come back.

Mum orders two scoops – creme caramel and milk chocolate. As she dips in with her dinky gelato coloured spoon, I see the ice cream is soft and voluptuous. And it is sweet enough to satisfy the sin factor. It is GOOD.

See that vanilla icecream? It was so good I wanted to roll around in it. Alas, that would be a slightly perverted way to waste the ice cream.

Five minutes and a free table later, my amareno cherry crepe arrives, piping hot from the griddle. The crepe is soft and the surface studded with syrupy cherries. The crepe was pretty average – but the plain jane vanilla ice cream was certainly stratospheric. The vanilla ice cream was heavenly. Creamy, smooth, soft and speckled with vanilla, the ice cream has that taste of dairy fat and goodness you only get from very high end vanilla ice creams.  Oh my goodness.

I think we have found my new favourite ice cream. If you ever do head into the hills and can fit in some ice cream (it is a liquid, no? should be fine) – you won’t regret getting a scoop at Collodel’s. Try the vanilla ice cream and let me know what you think!



Collodel Ice Cream & Sorbet, 30 Haynes Street, Kalamunda WA 6076
T: (08) 6293 1463

Tue – Sun 10 – 6


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