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During a recent lunch, poring over the last pieces of bbq duck at Hong Kong BBQ, it dawned on me that everyone has favourite bbq houses. And they are usually different too. K likes Golden Seafood in Canning Vale (lean meat, good duck flavour). The Sis likes Roasting Duck Four Seasons, Northbridge, because it ‘tastes fresher’ and also their pork is feel-good free range.

However, my favourite is Hong Kong BBQ. An oldie but a goodie, the restaurant has had a recent renovation and is now replete with live seafood tanks. I hadn’t been here for (at least) a few years due to the family being die hard fans of Good Fortune Duck (known as ‘Lucky Duck’ in my family – fewer syllables, you see). One bite of their roast pork and I was hooked. It was the prodigal daughter coming home. The bbq meat was absolutely gorgeous. But that’s how I feel about the place and it’s probably how you feel about your favourite bbq too. Once you find the one, it’s damn addictive. Vegetarians don’t know what they are missing out on.

I can try to convert you by saying the roast pork is extremely juicy, the duck skins crispy and shiny. And the bbq pork is sweet and just a little bit charred for sweetness (burnt food is bad, read: cancer food, but damn it tastes good and it is BBQ).

Then I can say they place the combination platter on boiled peanuts and baste the lot with gravy. That’s probably why it’s so juicy. If you are not familiar with the boiled peanuts, they soak up the gravy quite well and provide a nibble at the end of the meal, so give them a go.

We also ordered a plate of kang kung (water convolvulus or water spinach) stir fried in garlic sauce. The kang kung was cooked to vibrant green perfection and had obviously been trimmed with care. There was so much garlic in it, I’m sure the three of us are now walking mosquito repellents. You know when there’s so much garlic in something, it tastes good? Yep this is it, so trust me and don’t order it during a hot date.

We found Hong Kong BBQ was not as generous as other chinese barbeque places – this is a case of quality vs. quantity. So there I’ve revealed it – my favourite bbq – to the world wide web. Time to share! What’s your favourite bbq?

Hong Kong BBQ, 76 Francis St, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9228 3968

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  1. Kaleidoscop3

    Hiya! I used to adore HKBBQ but I’ve found that it became increasingly pricey to eat there. Now my favourite bbq place is Hung Kee BBQ (275 William St, Northbridge)- although i think it’s called a different name now. I go there for the free soup!

  2. mei

    Kaleidoscop3 – Hung Kee BBQ has become Golden BBQ King, I think(!). We occasionally buy bbq from their Morley branch and they are pretty good. Their duck tastes like duck if you know what I mean. Thanks for the tip, I drove past there the other day and almost forgot the mental note I had to eat there. Ta!

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