au revoir! for now.

I’m off to Europe! It will be a gastronomically challenging five and a half weeks but some one has got to do it! So that does mean the blog will be on hiatus, but when we return I will be furiously posting the highlights of the eurotrip and other shamefully belated posts. Plus with much better […]

rosa’s chorizo

UPDATE 23/01/2011 – Spanish Flavours has relocated to 413 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016 – see the latest post! A bit of a hidden secret, Spanish Flavours is a shop I’ve been meaning to get to for years! Our family’s procrastination knows no limits- even when my sister lived on Cambridge St, her first […]

chester’s at heaford glen – henleybrook

The historical nature of the Swan Valley is usually absent from minds when chasing the rather alcoholic pursuit of wine tasting. We are rather lucky that gastronomic delights tend to follow in the wake of grapes (something to go down with the alcohol I guess). We are also even luckier that this little slice of […]

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