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UPDATE 23/01/2011 – Spanish Flavours has relocated to 413 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016 – see the latest post!

A bit of a hidden secret, Spanish Flavours is a shop I’ve been meaning to get to for years! Our family’s procrastination knows no limits- even when my sister lived on Cambridge St, her first visit to Rosa’s charming shop was when she lived in East Perth (and that’s after she moved to Vic Park).

Holding the most comprehensive range of Spanish goods in Perth, Spanish Flavours is tucked away in the Cambridge Food Court (home to a pretty well known hawker food stall too). Admittedly, most products are in Spanish, but for me, deciphering what’s inside makes it fun.

Rosa is the other fun part. She’s the life and spark behind Spanish Flavours and loves to chat. Most of all, she loves her food – and you can tell, some of its gone into her fabulous chorizo.

Voluptuous, soft and curvy, Rosa’s fresh chorizo are to die for. I just had it last night, sauteed with chickpeas and spinach. Cutting it up, the ground paprika tinged meat dotted with ample chunks of fat, sidles from its smooth natural casing. This is a sausage to be worshipped. It’s really good fried off with a tin of chickpeas, a dash of paprika and to counter the flavourful fat, some spinach wilted in right before eating it.

One thing I always look from when fumbling through spanish products are those funky little jars of smoked paprika. Sure, the contents are nothing short of miraculous (K recently claimed I may be slightly obsessed), but I totally love the retro pictures!! They are a little bit hard to open but, that’s another matter altogether.

Go go go. Rosa apparently does a mean paella that needs to be pre-ordered. One day, I am to try it. Even if it means overcoming procrastination!

Spanish Flavours, Shop 17, 350 Cambridge St, Wembley WA 6014
T: (08) 9284 1313

Mon – Sat 9 – 5

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  1. Albis

    So you finally went there! I haven’t been in that shop in ages, maybe I should try the paella

  2. Sarah

    The store is now located on Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn. It opened today actually (8.1.11) so I haven’t checked it out yet. Can’t wait.

  3. mei

    Sarah – Thanks for the tip!!! I checked out the new address a few weeks ago (from the Gourmet Traveller) and was bitterly disappointed she had not moved yet. So on your advice I went to check it out – the cafe serves heavenly churros, and I filled up on chorizo. Let me know what you think.

  4. Alan


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