valrhona chocolate afternoon tea : origins, the sheraton

“Hi ladies, we’ll start with a shot of hot chocolate then feel free to help yourself to the buffet.”

STOP. Did he say BUFFET? A chocolate buffet? Yes he did.

We look to the other end of Origins and there is the buffet – a silky chocolate fountain flanked with copious amounts of chocolate things. I’m absolutely chuffed as not a bit of me expected the Valrhona Chocolate Afternoon Tea event to be so gloriously generous. The other part of me was wasting time thinking about how sinfully indulgent this would be on the waistline.

As composed as we could be, us girls (and one boy, K) ogled the buffet as best we could without squealing with delight. The rest of the dining room was really excited, everyone had a glint of excited glee in their eyes, with cameras in hand to document this momentous shrine to chocolate. As we toured the buffet (I like to ‘tour’ buffets before starting) there were lots of oohs and ahs and cameras taking photos. It was obvious the Sheraton had been heavy handed with the Valrhona chocolate and this buffet was a chocoholic’s fantasy.

This was a one off event for the Drink Perth 2010 and it was an event to write into memory. 

Well I’m not going to harp on about how much chocolate we ate and make all you chocoholics dribble with jealousy. I will let the pictures do that instead.

But seriously, we ate as much chocolate as we could, on empty stomachs. That day, we found out indeed there is a threshold to how much chocolate a stomach can handle before the body emits a signal of overindulgent, sickening fulfillment. But it’s so hard to resist one truffle, and then another, then just one more…

Next year, when Eat Drink Perth happens – make sure you flip open the lift-out, look out for this event and BOOK it!

Truffles, my favourite. How many truffles can one person eat? 
A lot. 

Chocolate hot cross buns. Yes, now you know exactly how long I procratinated this post for.

So, sooooo much Valrhona chocolate. 


Valrhona Chocolate Afternoon Tea (Eat Drink Perth 2010)
Sheraton Hotel, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000

T: (08) 9224 7777

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