western farmers’ market – fremantle

Finally the Western Farmers’ Market has reopened!

Hopefully the market has found a permanent home. Located at Palmyra Primary, the market is now more family friendly than ever – parking is a lot easier plus there is a huge space for the Dogs’ Bar.

How cute!


Banjo burger, yum

There’s a wonderful burger stand – Banjo Burgers – selling buns filled with crispy egg, spinach and bacon, with globs of glorious chutney. Our burger had the beetroot chutney which sent scarlet streams down our arms but was well worth the mess. The Fiori cart’s coffee was aromatic as always. There’s no better way to start Sundays than with a great coffee and brekkie burger.

Incidentally the chutney inside the burger comes from a stall around the corner. Pick up a jar or two and also your weekly eggs – farm fresh, free range eggs at $4 a dozen (cheap!).

The undercover area houses the baked goodies – cupcakes, irish bread and a stall overflowing with bread. The breads are fabulous – organic, spelt, wholemeal, sourdough – you name it, the have it. There’s organic pastries which takes some of the guilt out of the butter laden, flakey danishes… We tried the white organic spelt loaf and besides being better for our bodies, it was pleasantly different – nuttier, for lack of a better word. Try it.

Organic jam donut – as healthy as a donut can be!

Ultra fresh spinach, squeaky zucchini and bags of freshly dug potatoes are cheap and bountiful at the farmers’ stalls. All the fresh produce is first class – there’s no sacrificing quality for price at farmers’ markets as you are buying from the farmer direct. 

During the market’s absence, I think a number of stallholders have moved to other markets, hence the market is now somewhat smaller. But I may have come on a day where some stallholders are off rotating their wares elsewhere. Still, there’s quite a range of fresh fruit and veggies, with fresh blooms for the table.



Western Farmers’ Market, Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie Street, Palmyra WA 6157
Open every Sunday 7.30am – 12.30pm


There’s also the Growers’ Green Market, which I have been told is worth checking out:

Growers’ Green Market, South Fremantle Senior High School, Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield WA
Open every Sunday 8am – 12 noon

See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.

– M

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I love the tasty breakfast + tasty shopping combo offered by farmers’ markets! Will also be sure not to wear a long sleeved or white shirt if I get any banjo burger action :)

  2. mei

    Conor – ‘banjo burger action’ – that’s catchy! Noticing the beetroot going down my arms was following with frantic flapping around trying not to stain my handbag. Classy.

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