momiji – belmont

Cheap, cheerful and just about the only decent place to eat in Belmont. I’m serious.

They do a decent teriyaki, the large meals are actually large and the dude running the place is so adorably japanese! The interior is a far cry from anything sophisticated (basic tables and chairs), but it’s honest and simple. Their food is consistent and I’ve never had anything on the menu that was disappointing.

Just one of those places I want to keep for myself.


Momiji Japanese Takeaway, Shop 6/ 51 Belvidere St Belmont 6104
T: (08) 9477 5440

Lunch Mon – Saturday 11.30- 2.30
Dinner Mon – Sat 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Sun 5pm – 8pm

– M

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  1. chipinthesky

    I’ve heard so much about this place and have been past it all the time but never tried. Definitely will give it a go when in the area :D Pictures look great!

  2. mei

    chipinthesky – Hello! Don’t be afraid to go in, cos before you know it the place will be jam packed with office workers who come out of the woodwork! Thanks for your comment. You blog is looking great btw :) x

  3. Su

    Mmmm I never knew this place existed, although I don’t venture to Belmont much to eat to be honest. I’m going to definitely pay a visit. I’ve been told the pizza place on Belvidere is also very good.

  4. mei

    Su – Hello there! The pizza place is only open for dinner. How I wish they would open for lunch for some dearly needed variety. Thanks for dropping in again =)

  5. Su

    I went to Momiji today and ordered the mixed sashimi set and large karaage meal. I read some reviews on Urbanspoon which reflected poorly on the owner (manager?) in regard to his treatment of some customers. Unfortunately a little drama ensued while I was there. He was upset at a pair of Chinese customers. I’m not quite sure for what reason but when they came up to collect their takeaway he pretty much started yelling and cursing at them all the way until they walked out and then proceeded to swear about them to his chef. Then another customer (I presume a regular because he knew his name and was quite friendly with him) came to collect his takeaway order and he again began complaining and cursing them saying “I don’t like Chinese customers” ?!?
    When my order was ready to apologized for the bit of drama so obviously he was aware customers could see and hear what was happening. Foodwise, my sashimi was sliced poorly and my karaage was overcooked in old oil.

  6. mei

    Su – Oh what a shame! I did hear about the owner being a bit rash with customers, sometimes I think he gets frustrated and should really hire someone else to do the service. We really, really love the karaage at Momiji, I hope it hasn’t gone downhill as your visit suggests. :( Thanks for the comment (love gossip!) even though your experience was bad.

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