musings #2

After two grinding flights – which felt like eternity, with two medical emergencies and a 7 hour lay over – we are finally back in Perth. Europe was a real eye opener and it made me realise I take a lot of things we get in Perth for granted. For example, big backyards, local produce and clean, fresh air.

But the food! Almost all the food on the trip was delicious. A few times when we went to somewhere ordinary with low expectations, I didn’t take the camera. Only to realize with the first bite, how good the food was and how much I wanted to share the experience with you guys. Still, there’s plenty of photos and experiences to blog about. Probably won’t be finished by the next holiday!

I guess photos and posts can only convey so much of the experience. If you ever doubt yourself on splurging (because you will) on a trip to Europe – just go. You won’t believe how vibrant the markets are and how sweet and juicy the Italian tomatoes can be, until you see it and breathe it for yourself. I already want to return and we only arrived at Perth airport on Saturday!

Anyway, while I get over the vacation blues, I will be reliving our memories and writing about the highlights of our trip. There will be the usual local food posts too. To tide you over, here are some interesting bits and pieces.

read: Jamie Oliver Magazine. On first impression, I thought the magazine was a bit too commercial, too much into Jamie, Jamie, Jamie (as the title would suggest). However, I bought the Italian edition for our holiday and because of it, we had a wonderful lunch of truffled pasta at Rome’s Maccheroni. So now I am won over.

read: Balls, heads and gizzards. The fascinating world of offal, butchery and cooking at The Nasty Bits column. Yum yum?

shop: The long awaited Western Farmers’ Markets have reopened at Palmyra Primary School. I have already heard great things about it and can’t wait for Sunday to roll around so I can get my farmer fix.

see: THE Nigella is going to be at the 2011 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival!! Even better, she will be part of a Masterclass. Tickets go on sale on October 4th.

– M

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