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Mandurah looks different during the day – I confess I’ve only ever been once and it was late at night. And before you get the impression I was a misplaced nightowl in the sticks, the closest I even got to Mandurah was under the old bridge… crabbing!

Nowadays the crabs are yesteryear memories (are there any left?) but the summertime resort reputation of Mandurah still stands. There’s no beach, just one big shallow estuary and a town center which looks like it hasn’t changed since the early 90’s.

Our mission: fish and chips. There’s a couple of fish and chippers along Mandurah Terrace but for one with a view, away from the predatory seagulls, Ciccerello’s is the top pick.



Left: Ciccerello’s on the boardwalk. Right: Oysters kilpatrick, oysters for oyster haters!


Popular with tourists and families alike, it’s organised chaos. Numbers are yelled over the speakers and children are squealing and screaming to no end. We get a table looking out to the estuary over the boardwalk and wait patiently as the random numbers get shouted through the air.

Our number is called. Number 27! Yay! Reminds me of bingo but Ciccerello’s wins the money and you get to eat.

K devours the oysters kilpatrick with bacon driven fervour. The oysters kilpatrick are quite good but too acidic, masking any natural flavour of the oysters. Maybe that’s the point of oysters kilpatrick. But for a raw oyster hater like K, I can see they are a hit.

Tightly wrapped parcels of fish and chips are torn open, paper flying everywhere. Chips, golden and greasy, are doused in a shower of salt and vinegar. The fish is light and the crispy batter, perfect. The fillets are moist, fresh and the slippery flesh is held by the crunchy, glistening batter.

We’ve always found Ciccerello’s fish to be of decent quality and this time it’s no exception. It’s easy to pass time staring out at the estuary and even though this branch lacks the atmosphere of its Freo sister, there’s a certain pre-noughties atmosphere that keeps bringing families back.



Having had our fill of food and uncontrollable toddlers, we head to Simmo’s for dairy goodness to sink us further into food comas. Just 20 metres’ stumble away, Simmo’s is the place to have ice cream in Mandurah. In an age of global franchises and factory gunk, their locally made flavours ought to be celebrated more. If you come to Mandurah, you have to have a scoop at Simmo’s. Otherwise it would be un-Australian.

We take one for the country and have a hard time picking a flavour – there’s some unusual ones (mascarpone with prunes) and the usual suspects – one of which, praline, is our choice. The ice creams’ drawcard are their focussed flavours and smooth velvety texture.

Walking along, licking our ice cream before it melts, there are certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.



Ciccerello’s, Unit 2/73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210
T: (08) 9535 9777

7 days 10am – 9pm


Simmo’s Icecream, Unit 6 / 73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210
T: (08) 9582 7177

7 days 10am – late (seasonally adjusted)



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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I love this post, you make me feel like I was there, screaming children and all!

  2. mei

    Conor – We all love squealing kids, don’t we? =P

  3. Mei & Luke

    Simmos a must have?… yep agree with you but only if I was in Perth! Can’t beat the gelato in beautiful baroque Lecce from this sunny afternoon – perfectly textured, well balanced flavours, creamy and authentically Italian!! Molto delicioso!!

  4. mei

    Mei & Luke – You trying to make me jealous?!?! Well it’s working… Gelati sounds molto bene to me, sounds blissful.

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