growers’ green community market – beaconsfield


It’s big, it’s beautiful – it’s the Growers’ Green Farmers’ Market at South Freo High.

For once we were earlyish (um, 8.30am, it’s early for a Sunday) and we got to poke around the stalls and chit chat with stall owners before it got real busy with hordes of customers. Growers’ Green is really popular and once the sun is high in the sky, beelines of hungry families engulf the burger and coffee stands as their first port of call.

There’s quite a bit to see at these markets, from handcreams to succulents to honey, there’s something for everyone. The market combines the broad appeal of a variety market and produce market and it gains from having the best of both worlds.




Above: Fresh food lovin’ people in full force.


Above: Washed and bagged baby kale, ready to go.


The majority of the stalls are produce stalls and if it’s in season, it will be here. Best buys: blood oranges at $2.50/kilo, bags of baby kale, rununcula blooms from Serpentine and super sweet strawberries. Spray-free oranges and snap fresh organic carrots were also particularly good. Free range eggs are cheap and plentiful, with mega sized eggs available from Ellah’s at $5.50 a dozen. Fresh juices can be bought from Raw is you’re too lazy to juice your own.


Above: Locally grown rununculas. Below: Fill-your-own olive oil.




Two meat stalls are present – Meltique Meats and Redtail Ridge (who sell olive oil and eggs in addition to fabulous steaks). Locavores will love the cold pressed olive oil – you can refill your own bottles – and tubs of fresh honey for sale. The Big Italian (coincidentally run by an Italian, who is um, big) sells lovely cookies and cakes. Visit the Three Birds for jams, muesli, pickles and chirpy conversation (hah, couldn’t resist the pun).


Bread at the Kneading Woman.


From the Kneading Woman stall we got a pumpkin loaf which was a luminous shade of orange and studded with seeds. The stall sells a respectable range of bread and people can be seen breaking into their baguettes as soon as they’re bought.

My favourite stall would be the Valley Cheese stall – lots of samples to taste and a decent range of cheeses from edam to parmesan. Making cheeses with non-animal rennet, the feta is creamy and super smooth on the palate. Moulded Stilton-like cheeses come in white and blue variants and both were delicious, though I prefer the blue and snapped up a wedge straight away.




Coffee is popular – business was booming for the three coffee carts. There’s also a large variety of food, ready to eat, with communal tables and chairs so you can park your bum and enjoy freshly cooked food in relative peace. There’s an eclectic jumble of food stores – something for everyone, from the kids to the carnivores to the foodie. Kids will love the potato spirals (like a big potato crisp on a stick!), dads love the bacon burgers (they looked huge, worth the $6) and for the adventurous, there are choices hard to turn away – like Salvadorian tamales and freshly cooked turkish gozelemes. We had the baklava from the Turkish Dome and it was crispy, sweet and the heady smell of honey. 


Above: Authentic baklava. Below: Lamb and Spinach gozeleme, hot off the pan!


Growers’ Green is a refreshing experience for a Sunday morning – especially after a good coffee and a healthy (maybe not) breakfast, or two. The parking is easy – don’t forget to bring a coin for the SFSHS P&C tin – it’s family friendly (we saw a fairy hanging around!) and the range is really good. It’s everything you’d look for in a farmers’ market and then some.


Growers’ Green Community Market, South Fremantle High, Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield WA 6157
Open every Sunday 8am – 12 noon 


See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.

– M

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    So much goodness! I would be hamstrung with indecision at what to eat. I guess you just need to keep going back every week and trying everything.

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