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(See my high teas page to find more high teas in and around Perth.)


"I’m so late! So very, very late!"

If I could be any storybook character, it would be the White Rabbit – because I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS LATE for high tea! So, thank goodness Jessica has the patience of a saint, and a good book to read.

I’ve been dying to try Rochelle Adonis for ages and after learning of their suave high tea, we made a date in a flash. Like slipping into a wonderland, the saccharine smell and whimsical decor diverts the body and mind to earthly pleasures. A long marble table stretches the length of the tea room, reflecting twinkling globes above. The communal dining encourages interaction with other like minded strangers, which in some cafes would be downright weird, but here, the secret of discovering Rochelle Adonis binds everyone together.



Sweet natured cafe assistants provide excellent service and infectious enthusiasm. We could tell the girls really love their job. Gee I’d probably love my job that much if I could be surrounded with sweet treats (will work for cake!). The girls are very attentive, explaining every detail of the high tea and loose leaf teas available. As far as I could tell, the tea is bottomless and there’s coffee available, if that floats your boat (sacrilege!).

High tea is served in two courses – firstly, savoury and then sweet. Every high tea is different – nothing is mass produced and everything is made in house. Anything particularly excellent in the kitchen that day, will be served for high tea. And if there’s anything particular on whim they feel like making, it’s on menu too. So every high tea is new and unique.


Savoury course from the top: brie, onion & capsicum tarts; tomato & basil soup; and cucumber sandwiches

First course is presented on a cake stand and it is delectable. Considering the menu always changes, I was impressed when the assistants could remember every minute detail of everything in each course! Let’s see if I can recall.

We started off with a tiny glass of tomato and basil soup. Tangy from the tomatoes and fragrant from the basil, the creamy texture was slightly too salty for me. Still, I finished my soup between the other savoury tid bits and enjoyed it. My favourite savoury would be the capsicum, brie and caramelised onion tart! The puff pastry blew me away – crisp, light and buttery, it was like consuming delicate puffs of air. The punch of flavor from the onions and cheese balanced out the pastry’s butteriness.

I’m pleased to report the finger sandwich – the litmus test of high teas – was a respectable cucumber sandwich. Thick bread generously spread with creamy butter, sandwiched the crisp slices of cucumber. The butter was so so good, I think it outshone the actual sandwich. Don’t tell me the brand name, or I will go buy it and devour it by the block…


Sweets course from the top clockwise: lime mouse & sable biscuit; brioches & kumquat marmalade; rocky road ice cream; and white chocolate profiterole

As the the last sandwich was devoured, the sweets course was served. A spread of meticulous sweets made us (and the assistant) swoon. Gone in barely two bites, the white Vahlrona chocolate profiterole with blackberry cream was unctuously soft and barely sweet, with the petals giving a small tang at the end. Petite and expertly made, the profiterole conjured that feeling of inimitable satisfaction which comes from eating perfection. And also the feeling of wanting more!

An interpretation of bread and butter pudding – brioche (which we are proudly told is made in house) layered with kumquat marmalade and lightly toasted – adds a warm touch to the high tea. The brioche is a heartstopper. The flour to butter ratio for brioche can as high as 5:4 and this one comes close. Like bread and butter’s tasty, tasty love child. The kumquat marmalade is a no brainer. The sharp jam cuts through the richness, making it less guilt ridden (hah!).

The signature chocolate cake is topped with thick frosting and is decorated with silver cachous. Gilding the lily much? Ooh la la. Dark and handsomely intense, the cake was finger licking, face rubbing and give-me-more-right-now good. Yes, now we know why it’s their signature cake.



Last, but certainly not least, was the lime mousse with meringue and sable biscuit. The lime mousse was tangy and incredibly light and refreshingly, sans mouth puckering sourness. In fact, it’s the lightest mousse I’ve ever had. The equally light meringue melts in the mouth. It’s so easy to be delicate with this high tea, we pick out the sable and nibble at it, like cultured ladies.

Two hours pass by in a hurry and alas, it’s time to leave the little sugar cubes, lace tablecloths and french salon behind for real life. As we gulp down the last cups of loose leaf tea – we get a little surprise – an extra profiterole to take home as a freebie. How sweet.


See my high teas page to find more high teas in and around Perth.

Up’s: Amazing sweets! The french salon atmosphere and 2 course high tea style is contemporary yet luxe. Enthusiastic service.

Down’s: For the quantity at $38 per person, the price could be steep for some – but in this case I believe you pay for what you get.

Food: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4.5/5

Rochelle Adonis Cakes + Confections, 193 Brisbane St, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9227 0007
W: www.rochelleadonis.com

Wed – Sat 10 – 4

High tea enthusiasts

– M

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oooooh thank you for this post!!! I live 5 minutes walk from here and I can feel a high tea experience in my near future. Looks like such high quality, and have enthusiastic service can make such a difference.

  2. ylenate

    Hi there – I just have found your blog and think it is great! I had my wedding cake prepared by Rochelle Adonis and I seriously think it was the best decision I have ever made. It consisted of a tier of her signature chocolate mini-cakes cake and free-trade mini-cakes – it was a sight to behold.
    I will continue to read about your Perth foodie adventures. Cheers!

  3. mei

    ylenate – Hello! Oooh wedding cake – I will keep that in mind when(ever) I have my own wedding… *cough cough* It is a rare thing to have a wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks. Thanks for your comment and dropping in.

  4. chipinthesky

    That looks absolutely divine! :) I almost licked the screen just looking at all of those photos, cannot wait to try! :D

  5. mei

    chipinthesky – Divine it was. Have the signature chocolate cake if you can only choose one thing!

  6. Mei & Luke

    Yum! sigh reminds me of the patisseries in France – smell of sweet pastries and baguettes. How I miss the fresh pain aux raisins and croissants in the morning – what a fabulous start to the day. Italy… I’m afraid isn’t quite the same….

  7. Su

    Rochelle Adonis is divine! I booked high tea for my birthday with friends. We took our own champagne. It was lovely. I agree, some may think the price is a little high, but everything is absolutely divine and I’ve not been to another high tea where I could rave about the quality as I can with Rochelle Adonis. And I am a bit of a high tea junkie!

  8. Sarah

    Rochelle Adonis churns her own butter, so luckily (for your weight) you can’t buy it!

  9. mei

    Sarah – Haha definitely, very, very lucky for my weight. But my tastebuds are secretly in mourning. Been tinkering with the idea of churning my own butter… ;)

  10. sakufaru | Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m living in.

    […] always had my sights on Rochelle Adonis since spotting them on Libertine Eats. After having done High Tea at The C Restaurant and thoroughly enjoying the glamorous experience […]

  11. Emma

    Great info, thanks for sharing!! I’m going to take my Mum here

  12. Jemma

    The price sure has gone up since this article!

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