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This is a quick post. I’ve been here a few times and to be honest the noodles are ordinary. On the contrary, during this visit, K’s hor fun in egg sauce was surprisingly good. I couldn’t say the same for my dish – fried mee hoon (thin rice noodles) – it was flavourless with limp texture. Ick.

But why are we here? Besides the namesake ipoh hor fun soup, we are here to try the inchikiban, which every table seems to be wolfing down. (If anybody out there knows why it is called inchikiban, instead of plain old fried chicken please let me know… edit: inchikiban’s meaning I think is Nonya Fried Chicken)

By the time it is flung on our table (service is not a strong point here) K has already finished his dish and is eyeing mine. The inchikiban is worth the wait.

Seasoned viciously with salt and pepper, the pieces have been cut kind of awkward, so eating with fingers looks more ungainly than it usually does – but never mind, the chicken is tasty! Piping hot, juicy and served with a funky tasting sour sauce. Bring extra tissues to clean up as the two measly napkins they dole out are insufficient.

I’m not sure if the inchikiban is enough to warrant a purpose driven visit, but if you end up here, order it. Every table digs into a dish of it and it certainly is good enough to tolerate the indifferent service.

Up’s: The inchikiban.

Down’s:  Stay away from the fried noodles. Don’t expect good service, it’s service without a smile. Overpriced in terms of food quality and atmosphere.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 1.5/5
Atmosphere: 2/5
Value: 2.5/5

Ipoh Garden Restaurant, 44/50 Hulme Court, Myaree WA 6154
T: (08) 9330 6298

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Damn, I want to try that chicken but it seems unlikely I’ll be randomly in the area any time soon.

    I really don’t like those metal chopsticks, after a bad experience sitting next to a table at which a man tapped his together the entire time he was sitting down before getting his food. It was incredibly annoying, especially for someone as intolerant of such things as I am!

  2. KGBear

    Chicken was OK but if you want REALLY good fried chicken, go have the karaage at Momiji.

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