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Surely the francophile craze for macarons is everywhere but Paris, because macarons are in every bakery in Paris. Being very common and commonly a tourist’s delight, I’d dare say a native Parisian would be nonplussed. There are napoleons, raspberry tarts and eclairs to tempt the palate away from the drama queen of all cookies. We had to be strong and stick to our guns – to taste as many macarons as possible before lapsing into sugar comas.

With a Pierre Herme store just a few doors down and a gazillion flavours to try, there was no time to be wasted. Here’s a list of our favourites plus honourable mentions.

Pierre Hérme

72, Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Mon – Sun 10am – 7pm

See website for other locations:



Just sweet enough, each macaron’s flavour bursts out of the shell and filling. The flavours are simple (pistachio, chocolate) with a few unusual flavours thrown in the mix. The meringue shell is soft with not much crispiness and the fillings are smooth and scant. Pierre Herme’s macarons are perfection.

The pistachio with raspberry was swoon-worthy excellent!! Salted caramel was a close second.

Best macarons we’ve had by far.

However, if macarons are not your thing, try the chocolate croissants. When the sun is beating down, the ice creams are very, very popular.

There is one other Pierrme Herme boutique located in Paris: Vaugirard (75015).

Tip: visit Pierre Herme in the morning hours. The afternoon queue is ridiculous.


Maison Du Chocolat

19, Rue de Sevres, 75006 Paris
Mon – Fri 10am – 7.30pm, Sat 10am – 8.30pm, Sun 10am – 1pm

See website for other locations:



Chocolate is a somewhat peculiar macaron flavour – how to combine something so innately sweet into an inescapably sweet biscuit? This is where so many chocolate macarons fail and where the ones from Maison are très fantastic!

The smell of the store is reason alone to stumble in here. I would kill to have a job in this store!

Anyway, back to the macarons – the flavour is intense and the deep, dark flavour is distilled into the macaron. Somehow the sugar and the chocolate flavours are separated on the palate and each is enhanced in clarity, by being together. If that makes any sense.

Aside from beautiful macarons, the chocolate cognac truffles here are even incredible. Available in 100gram servings, they are expensive but worth every penny. Chocolate coated with a ganache centre and cocoa dusted, they are to die for. Prepared fresh to order, these did not last long in our hot little hands.

There are seven (seven!) other Maison Du Chocolate shops in Paris, not including those at the airports: Faubourg Saint-Honore (75008), Francois 1er (75008), Madeleine (75009), Victor Hugo (75116), Printemps Haussmann (75009) and Carousel Du Louvre (7501).


Saduharu Aoki

35, Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris
Tue – Sat 11am – 7pm, Sun 10am – 6pm


Out of the many patissiers in Paris, Saduharu Aoki stands out. The narrow shop is a gallery to the baker’s works. Masterpieces of cake and icing, fusing japanese flavours with french technique, fill the counter from the threshold to the register. Intricate icing make bamboo scenes out of matcha opéra cake – it has to be seen to be believed. Flavours like yuzu, black sesame and sour plum describe some of the sables, macarons and tuiles.

Three additional Saduharu Aoki boutiques are located within Paris and are not to be missed! Ségur (75015), Port Royal (75006) and Galeries Layfette (75009).




The following are the ones we did not have the stamina, time or appetite (shock horror!) to track down and consume!




Parisian macarons – the ones we know and love – were allegedly invented here.

Pale green and absolutely everything girly, their tea salon is the quintessential Parisian experience. I have NO idea how we missed this one – it was on our street!!

There are four stand alone boutiques – Champs-Elysee (75008), Le Bar (75008), Royale (75008), Bonaparte (75006) – plus two at Printemps and one at Versailles. And the airports. 


Gérard Mulot


HEAVENLY bakery, everything from the baguettes to pan au chocolate to the cakes are fabulously. Go there to perve. At the food display.

Two stores to do some freaky food perving: St Germain (75006) and Glaciere (75013).






Like a Starbuck’s of the pastry world, Paul is EVERYWHERE. What’s good enough for the discerning and critical Parisian palate, is good enough for me!




Descended from royal kitchens, the Dalloyau stores are famous for creating the opéra cake. Seven boutiques located in Paris: Saint-Honore (75008), Bastille (75004), Boulogne (92100), Convention (75015), Raspail (75007), Luxembourg (75006) and a boutique in Galeries Lafayette (75009).



~ M

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