new norcia bakery & cafe – mt hawthorn


Mum and I find it particularly hard to pass up New Norcia Bakery for our too-rare afternoon teas. This place, has something even harder to find than good coffee – damn good bread.

And pastries.

And cakes.

See that cheese cake? It was amaaazing – light as air cream cheese with white chocolate and raspberries. It was simply wonderful! (It was worth bearing my mild lactose intolerance, trust me it was worth it.)




Usually we order the carb-licious bread platter, with Kailis extra virgin olive oil and basalmic vinegar. This platter has led to many, many purchases in the bakery.

Their olive studded loaves, sourdoughs and – my favourite – the oil slicked, salty pizza biancas are the finest examples of artisan bakery in Perth.



Previously, the bakery’s bread was made at the New Norcia monastery’s wood fired oven. Though in 1996, Mt Hawthorn commissioned its very own 100 year old wood fired, beast of an oven. What a lucky find. Now the two ancient ovens (plus modern appliances) are being fired to produce as much bread as possible for the wanting public.

If it’s good enough for the monks, it’s good enough for us.



New Norcia Bakeries
163 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016
T: (08) 9443 4114

Mon – Sun 7am – 6pm


They have a small shop in Subiaco too!

Cloisters, Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008

Mon – Sat 7.30am – 6pm, Sun 7.30am – 4pm


~ M

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    It is not possible to leave this place without a bag full of treats. IMPOSSIBLE!

  2. mei

    Conor – If you want two bags of treats – go before just before closing time! Pizza Biancas at $5 for TWO. Nom nom nom

  3. jojo

    I think I saw you there with your aunt or your mum, Mei!
    I was there with my other frens! haha
    What a coincident!

  4. mei

    Jojo – I think I saw you too! I saw you and thought you looked familiar. =) I think we should have a Perth food blogger get-together (there’s certainly enough of us). See you around!

  5. jojo

    Thats actually a very good idea! I would love to meet all the food bloggers in Perth. (Well, I probably not a pro food blogger, i definitely know I love food!hehe)
    btw, never thought that you’ll recognized me!
    see u again! Somewhere!

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