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A hop, skip and jump from Rokeby Road, the Subi Farmers’ Market has a lively, enthusiastic atmosphere. The cosy market, spanning over Subiaco Primary’s two quadrangles, has every kind of produce you could want and didn’t know you wanted.

The squeal of the coffee machine and sizzle of bacon rolls greet the market’s western suburbs crowd, gathering under the shade of the big tree to grab a bite to eat before hunting and gathering. There’s plenty of variety here – if you want, you can juggle a chai in one hand and a bratwurst roll in the other. Or strawberry crepes or a homemade cinnamon roll. All good options!


Above: Juicy, juicy bratwursts. Trust me, they make a super fine breakfast.

Above: Sunnydale Dairy milk


There’s a good range of both organic and non-organic fruit and veggies available. All produce is squeaky fresh, straight from the farms. There’s no substitute for quality – a good reason to head down to your local farmers’ market. Instead of buying the supermarket’s halfway-to-wilted produce, support the farmers and buy local. Apart from a satisfying morning of buying the best veggies possible, you’ll know where your produce comes from and cut down on the food miles.

We spotted plump white asparagus (these alone were worth the trip), bags of farm fresh portobello mushrooms ($5.50 a bag – great buy) and fresh lettuce, cut from the ground and straight to the market.

Old fashioned milk (with that delectable layer of cream – like in the old’n days) and free range eggs ($4.50 per dozen) are supplied by Sunnydale Dairy. There’s a large range of feel good meat available, the most of any market we have been to – Redtail Ridge, Meltique and Spencers Brook Farm were present.

Spencers Brook Farm is a remarkable operation – they raise full free range (not BRED free range, got to look out for that) Berkshire pork plus Dexter beef. We bought some chorizo from Spencers Brook. Fresh and slightly smokey, K took a liking to them and subsequently they were gone by the next morning!


Left: Guinea Grove’s olive oil. Right: Bags of mushies at good prices – super fresh too.


One of the best products we came across was Guinea Grove’s olive oil. Each oil is as distinctive as the next, delcious and sparkling fresh on the palate. Bottles can be bought back and refilled at the stall for a very reasonable price (I can’t remember how much – bah, I’m getting old). True to its name, you can buy guinea fowl eggs here for $10 a dozen – apparently they are fantastic for baking.


Top left: Live music by Bella. Top right: Bread stall. Bottom: Beautiful native blossoms for the table.


Bread can be bought at the markets, but alas the loaf of sourdough I bought turned into a cannonball the next day. There were two other bread stalls at the market so I have not lost hope – I regret the fresh croissants I passed by – a good reason to return I think.

Subi Farmers’ Market is really charming. The parking is easy, the grounds are lovely plus with everything you could possibly want from native blossoms, to doggie biscuits to smoked local trout, it’s not hard to see why this market is so successful. There’s even a little ‘fishing pool’ to entertain the kids! My advice is if you want something specific (especially meat and seafood), get in early!


Subi Farmers’ Market
Subiaco Primary School, 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008

Open every Saturday 8am – 12.30pm

See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.


~ M



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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I love this market.

    You are right that the bratwurst makes a great breakfast but you know what? It makes an even better second breakfast :D

  2. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    What a lovely market. And guinea fowl eggs sound fascinating. I know that duck eggs are great for baking but have yet to try guinea fowl eggs!

  3. danica

    I seriously need to make the effort to get out of bed one Saturday morning so that I can go along to the Subi Farmers’ Market. I have been drooling just looking at your photographs!

    Thanks too for your kind comment on my blog – I really appreciate it.

  4. mei

    danica – The getting out of bed part is THE WORST. But laziness for cooking brekkie is surpassed by my love of snoozing and my appetite is always amply rewarded at markets. I always check your blog with baited breath for a new post!

  5. erin

    I still haven’t made it to the Subi Farmer’s Market yet. I have no excuse… I’m always up early. I just suffer from that terrible combination of forgetfulness, laziness, and brokeness (it’s a thing).

    Next weekend. I promise I’ll go next weekend.

  6. mei

    Erin – I always wake up on Saturdays, think “Hmmm, which market is open today?…zzZzzzZzz” At least you get up early lol!

  7. foodie cravings

    I love the Subiaco Farmers Market and go there all the time! My fav foods there are the greek feta pitas and crepes.

    I had heard about the other Farmers Markets you mention on your blog but haven’t been mainly because of the drive but your post on the Midland and Kalamunda Farmer Markets has convinced me that the drive will be worth it / to ‘branch’ out.

  8. mei

    foodie cravings – Ok, next time I will forgo the weiners and head for the greek feta pitas! Thanks for the tip. :) Usually I am really really lazy to drive to markets – more so because of the weekend sleep in! Sigh. If you really want something worthwhile, I’d go for the Midland farmers’ markets due to the sheer amount of fresh food available. Alas, no french bakeries around but the Swan Valley is very close for a spot of breakfast (or a pie at Maggie’s). My pick of the bunch (worthwhile driving to) are the Western Farmers’ Markets – these markets have everything – fresh produce, ready to eat food and entertainment. Good vibe too. Let me know how you go ‘market hopping’! :)

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