the partisan – east perth

  In Perth, we are really lucky to have access to the riverside and coastline for bbqs and picnics, because usually that’s the only way to get decent food with a view. I’m sure a lot of people have had the experience of ‘paying for the view’ – disappointing food, great scenery. So it makes […]

midland farmers’ market – midland

  This market by far, is the best market we have seen for fresh produce. It’s everything farmers’ market should be. There’s a mix of old timers (don’t ask the price twice, they’ll snap at you!) selling homegrown surplus, tiny stalls selling only their in-season specialties (at the moment that would be peaches and oranges) […]

dosukoi – fremantle

Is this the best bowl of ramen in Perth? Yes.   Wow, this place does good ramen. I know, the hot weather right now makes sitting in a pigeonhole, slurping on a hot bowl of noodles pretty unattractive but the noodles here are so good, in fact, fantastic, I would gladly sweat and bear it. […]

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