dosukoi – fremantle

Is this the best bowl of ramen in Perth? Yes.


Wow, this place does good ramen. I know, the hot weather right now makes sitting in a pigeonhole, slurping on a hot bowl of noodles pretty unattractive but the noodles here are so good, in fact, fantastic, I would gladly sweat and bear it.

When you think ramen, don’t think of the instant stuff. It would be like comparing chalk and cheese, they are in completely different food groups. Instant ramen is dehydrated, tasty (at least the Nong Shim ones are) and are a quick fix.

Dosukoi’s ramen is complex, nutritious and has so much honest flavour packed into the soup. Sure, the wait is about an hour long – the order is placed and paid for when you leave your mobile number – but it’s worth it. Just wander around Fremantle for a bit and when the SMS arrives (at last!), your seat and noodles will be waiting for you.



I ordered the spicy leek ramen. Oh my god, I thought the ‘spicy’ would be the tame ‘Aussie’ level of spicy. I was wrong! Between slurps of soup I was mopping sweat and hopelessly gulping water. At one point, I thought my head was going to explode with pepper power. But it was so good – so flavoursome.

It’s hard to figure out how so much flavour can be extracted from stock but actually a bowl of ramen is more than the sum of its parts. The noodles were somewhere between toothy and soft, and this is the point where it carries flavour best. The finely shredded leek, gorgeous, soft belly pork and single slice of crispy seaweed come together to make the most addictive, mere bowl of noodles.

K had the soft pork ramen – thin slices of unctuous belly pork melt on the tastebuds and porky goodness permeats the whole bowl. I’m having that one next time.

It was fantastic and to be honest, I think about Dosukoi’s ramen every weekend. And how I can scheme K into waiting for an hour, for ramen on a Saturday morning. Serious.

Dosukoi is seriously popular, so be prepared to battle it out with the loyal customers who wait an age to get their bums on one of the twelve stools. The words ‘cattle treatment’ and ‘sardine can’ come to mind, but rubbing elbows is a small price to pay for possibly, the best ramen in Perth.

(There’s takeaway too, which gets your noodles faster to you.)



Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea
Stall No. 7, Fremantle Markets, Cnr Henderson St & South Tce, Fremantle 6160 WA.

Fri 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm, 
Mon Public Holidays 9am-6pm 


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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I’ve been wanting to go here for seemingly forever, but it’s just never happened. Fremantle is just so far away, in my mind. Too far for awesome ramen though? Hmm…

  2. suzie

    I’ve always wanted to try this but the amount of people waiting outside puts me off- I guess that’s a sign that it’s good. I’ll definately try it when I visit Freo next! Sounds delish.

  3. mei

    suzie – The queue puts me off too but on the upside, it gives me time to drag the bf around Freo with the excuse of ramen… I’d love to know what you think of it. Thanks for dropping by =)

    Conor – No noooo not too far for ramen! You could add value to the visit – there’s massive (um organic so it’s good for you..) chocolate filled donuts, fresh papaya salad, bratwursts and french crepes all within the markets too…

  4. Mei & Luke

    Try Ippudo in New York – beats Momofuku anyday! It has the best ramen in the whole wide world. Its pork buns are to die for…

  5. mei

    Mei & Luke – Wah you will finally be back today. Isn’t Ippudo a chain of ramen restaurants from Japan (the REAL deal I suppose)? They might have an outlet in S’pore…

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