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This market by far, is the best market we have seen for fresh produce. It’s everything farmers’ market should be. There’s a mix of old timers (don’t ask the price twice, they’ll snap at you!) selling homegrown surplus, tiny stalls selling only their in-season specialties (at the moment that would be peaches and oranges) and bigger stalls selling every type of in season produce you could possibly want.

Located on a closed off street mall, shoppers are protected by the shade, there are budding musicians busking and the cafes are open for breakfasts – which means you are guaranteed a seat to relax and eat in peace.

I really loved the stalls run by old Italian men, who still make passata from their tomatoes and bottle it in any bottle they can get their hands on. The ones we got were, in a previous life, long neck beer bottles. (With a resident spider! Eeek!)




[See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.]

There’s a scatter of broadbeans, boxes of sun ripened roma and round tomatoes and irregularly shaped heirloom zucchinis – I can just imagine all the produce coming from their backyards. They have a real old fashioned love of growing their own food – it even shows in the yolks of their free range eggs (which are boxed in donated egg cartons). If they like you, they’ll sneak in some extra apples too!

Throughout the market, the prices are really good. Best buys were humungous bunches of white asparagus – these were double the size of the ones we bought at Subi and almost half the price – $3, 10kg bags of Bindoon oranges for just $12 and pungent bulbs of local garlic at $15 a kilo. Oh and boxes of strawberries at.. wait for it… $8 for 3 boxes, straight from the strawberry farm’s van.




The bigger stalls have an impressive range of produce – if it’s not in season, they won’t have it. With the number of bigger stalls there’s an absence of queues (which I really like) and room to move. Smart customers bring trolleys for their purchases, it really is impossible to leave this market without bagfuls of stuff.

If it’s not a particularly hot day, the flowers here are good value at $7.50 for a mixed bunch of blooms. The flowers are picked the evening before, which means super fresh flowers that last for a long time. (The chrysies I bought lasted one and a half weeks…)



An admirable range of organic breads, sturdy loaves and cobs are provided by the Healthy Grain(?). A wholesome crust and tender, soft interior, their spinach loaf is fabulous. There’s also a lady who sells cannoli – buy these at your own risk – they are super delicious (as custard filled fried pastries usually are) and require superhuman willpower to not immediately devour. While we are on the subject of food, there was a promising looking donut van at the end of the mall plus a satay stall selling sticks for $1 each. Mmm satay.

The market has one big upside – it’s open until 3pm, which is a bit more forgiving for sleeping in. It’s old fashioned (there’s even live chooks for sale!), chilled out and good value with easy street parking to boot. We’ve already been back!


Midland Farmers’ Market
Behind Town Hall Clock, Old Great Northern Hwy, Midland WA 6056
W: http://www.midlandfarmersmarket.com.au

Open every Sunday 7am – 3pm 


See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.

– M

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  1. Jess

    Wow! It does look amazing! I’ll definitely have to visit Midland Farmers’ Market one weekend. :o)

  2. mei

    Jess – Will let you know when I drop by next time, we can go together =)

  3. Matthew

    Great photography.

    The freshness of the produce is impressive.


  4. mei

    Matt – Thanks! But I think the camera gets most of the credit! Thanks for dropping in. :)

  5. Ron

    We go to the Midland Farmers Market fairly regularly, but the produce on offer can also vary a lot as to which sellers are there or not. Some sellers don’t turn up occasionally, which makes for a hole in the displays, and that much less on offer. Look for the sellers who are selling their own fresh produce. There are sellers at Midland who buy stuff at the wholesale markets and retail it from here, meaning the items are not as fresh as the ones direct from a farm. However, there is usually plenty of produce on offer, with a wide variety of quality, as well as trinket and plant sellers. Getting there early ensures you get the best of the choices on offer.

  6. mei

    Ron – Hi Ron! You are indeed correct – the last time I went to the markets, a few sellers were missing, which was a bit disappointing. However, the old italian guy who sells zucchinis and tomatoes is always there, so I’m happy. Look out for his homemade wheels of sheep milk pecorino, they are delicious. Happy shopping Ron and thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

  7. Lee

    I will definitely try the Canning Vale fish markets and the Midland Farmers market – great info, thank you.

  8. mei

    Lee – Hi Lee, I hope you find the markets as great as I did. However, I have heard rumours the fish market may be moved because the complex is being revamped…

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