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To me, the approach of summer means weekends of relentless sunshine and great fish and chips. A worthwhile stop on the Oxford Street strip, Swish ‘n’ Chips harks back to the old’n days, doubling as the neighbourhood fish supply. 

As soon as orders come in, fish fillets are plucked from the display, lathered with silky batter and lowered into the hot oil. What comes out are crispy fillets, flakey and moist, (which I like with lashings of lemon juice) and thick, golden chips Served on paper lined trays (all mess, no fuss), you can douse as much salt and vinegar as you want. 

The rest of the menu is tempting – softshell crabs, pickled onions and naughty, naughty, deep fried macadamia biscuits with vanilla ice cream. Yum.


125 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007
T: (08) 9242 5745

7 days from 10am

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  1. erin

    Do you think it’s becoming harder to find good fish and chips? All the good, reliable fishos of my youth seem to be turning out dry, old-tasting fish these days.

    I’ve tried Sweet Lips once, though, and remember it being quite good… even if it was a little luke-warm by the time we got our dinner back to Sorrento (not sure why we bought fish & chips in Leederville to eat in Sorrento, mind you!).

  2. mei

    Erin – Hi Erin! I do think it’s harder to find good fish and chips nowadays. I always ask around for recommendations but to be honest, I’m starting to think fish & chips have fallen out of favour with the aussie diet. Not to mention – fish is getting very expensive and with all the imports (like basa – yuk) I think good fish and chips is going to be a thing of the past or very exclusive.

    Sorrento huh? Sounds like a romantic motive well worth lukewarm chips! ;)

  3. Su

    I have had Sweetlips and they are really nice. I have also found that many fish & chip store to be quite a letdown. So it was a nice surprise when I discovered a local fish & chip store that makes fantastic fish & chips. It’s in Canning Vale (so obviously not close to everyone) called Fish Delish, in the little shopping complex on the corner of Amherst and Warton Roads. It used to be a Fish Feast (GROSS!) and was reopened this year with new owners. It is always busy, and I have told a few friends about the place and they love it too.

  4. mei

    Su – Fish Delish eh… the name already sounds good. It’s close to home too so all the better – will give it a try!

  5. Mei & Luke

    Hey, did you steal my never ending supply of Sweetlips vouchers??? It has the best fish and chips.. yum even better than the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco… there is a reason why the sea lions are running away, maybe to WA…

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