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What’s a visit to the region without some wine tasting? For the non wine lovers, it may seem a bit of a non event but think of it as an opportunity to have an up close and personal look at the vineyards, instead of watching them rush by in air conditioned comfort. It’s also an opportunity to breath in some fresh air and taste the results of the most vibrant industry in the area.

So in the short time we had, we picked one winery to visit and it was Cullen Wines.

No, not at all related to Edward Cullen. But the association between broody vampires, blood and wine is quite sexy, no?

Cullen’s vineyards are relatively small and located close to Vasse Felix – so if you are visiting, it’s worth stopping by, if only to see the diffference between a large winery and a boutique operation. Their biodynamic wines have a clean taste and even though it’s debatable if biodynamic practices do produce a better drop, it’s good to see that it can produce good wines.

Not only does good wine come from this estate, the kitchen apparently cooks up a damn fine meal. Unfortunately we didn’t come to eat, though one of my motives for dropping by was to have a peep at the restaurant, which had been mentioned in the Gourmet Traveller Guide.

Anyway, usually I only drink whites but this time I left with three (!) bottles of red, which is highly unusual – a bottle of the easy drinking pinot noir, a cab sav (for K) and a bottle of Mangan (combination of petit verdot, malbec and merlot grapes) to be put away for a special occasion. I used Christmas presents as an excuse, but when we’re only giving away one out of the three bottles, who am I kidding.

Cullen Wines
Caves Road, Cowaramup WA 6284
T: (08) 9755 5277

Cellar Door 7 days 10 am – 4.30 pm
Restaurant 7 days 10 am – 4.30 pm


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  1. Benji - passionate about Margaret River

    Great photos and what a stunning place to pick for your only one winery to stop at. Cullen Wines are one of the finest in the region and you were obviously impressed taking home three bottles.
    Thanks for the inspiration to go back again as it has been some time and yes their food is amazing well worth making time to stop for both the food and wine.

  2. mei

    Benji – Aw thanks – though I think the camera takes a lot of credit for the photos. I’m going to put away the bottles and see what they taste like in a year or so. Cullen has been earmarked for our next trip (fingers crossed that will be soon!). Look out for a post about Must in the coming fortnight (I’m trying to catch up on my drafts), we had a simple but, wonderful lunch. Thanks for dropping by again!

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