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The Brewer’s Pan was destined to be our lunch from the moment we laid eyes on the menu. Bang some german food into a frypan, and we’ll be there with bells on!

(What can I say, we are suckers for kitchenware.)

With lunch decided in record time, serious liquid courage (beer!) was required before tackling the Duckstein’s food order queue. This queue, my friends, was really something.

It was the queue to rule all queues – short, but with no movement whatsoever… Okay, maybe not as bad as from what I heard, the disastrous Oktoberfest queue in Northbridge, but it was insanely slow. A few people walked out but the glass half full people saw it as a way to drink even more beer while standing up.

There’s always a silver lining at breweries…

After a good half hour, I had reached the end of the queue (hurray!) and trudged back to the table. Most of the Duckstein’s seating is outdoors but protected from the weather, so it’s a pleasant light filled area with plenty of space and live music to boot.

So besides the queue from hell, it’s a nice spot for lunch.

The food arrived, literally, three minutes after I sat down. Which was timely, because the thought of even more waiting was plain frightening.


Brewer’s Pan for two – two bratwursts, two kassler chops and a mountain of fried potatoes.


Though the food looks quite plain, it was good. I could whinge that it was stodgy, but keep in mind this is german food – and nobody can complain about a kassler chop! That is, unless you don’t eat pork. (In that case, going to a german brewery is an all round bad idea.) A kassler is a pork loin chop that has been smoked – basically a bacon chop. It was good with the pan fried potatoes and side of sauerkraut.

The bratwurst was juicy, meaty and mighty good slathered with mustard. It doesn’t look like much, but after a kassler chop, lots of potato and mountainous side of pickled cabbage, fitting in the bratwurst was a tough ask –  so what to do?

Do what any self respecting glutton would do and wash it down with beer. And beer always makes you eat more.

Unsurprisingly the beer (the alcoholic beer – don’t even touch the non alcoholic imports, it’s bad stuff) was really refreshing. We had the Duckstein Light – a seasonal special – a lager with minimal hops flavour.

One more thing – I must mention the schweinshaxe. (Schwein what?!) I’ve never seen K’s ears prick up faster than at the combination of the words  ‘pickled’, ‘huge’ and ‘too much for one person’! The shweinshaxe is a super-sized roasted pork shank served with a heap of cabbage and more potatoes than you can poke a stick at. This is the dish to put a grin on any meat lover’s face. I would even put up with the creepy animatronic band to come back and try it.

All in all, the Duckstein is a good place to have a hearty lunch – it’s not blow-your-socks-off stuff but satisfying, simple food. It’s no surprise that it’s horrendously popular, so make a booking and get ready to get your pork on. 



Up’s: Simple food done well. Good beer. Good service. Live music on the weekends.

Down’s: The queue to order is almost unbearable. Don’t forget to make a reservation. Not vegetarian friendly.

Food: 3.5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5              


Duckstein Brewery (Swan Valley)
9720 West Swan Rd, Henley Brook WA 6055
T: (08) 9296 0620

Wed – Thu 11am – 9pm
Fri 11am – 10pm
Sat 11am – 11pm
Sun 11am – 8pm

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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Surely there must be a better way to get the orders taken, if you have to line up for 30 minutes then get your food 3 minutes later.. makes you wonder why they don’t just take all the orders quickly and let you sit down while waiting for your food. Weird.

    Still, there’s a lot that I would endure for this type of porky goodness, washed down with a tasty beer. Haven’t been out here before (in fact I’m terrible with having been out that part of town in general) but I really must take my sister here next time she’s in town! She loves her pig :D

  2. mei

    Conor – LOL She loves her pig!? Hehe she ought to be chinese, we love our pigs… It is very weird why they don’t speed up food service. Maybe they are trying to sell more beer (more money ka-ching) by making people stay longer in the premises. Whatever their reason is, the queue sucks and this place is still unbelievable popular. I guess Perthies are willing tolerate anything for okay food. This is what it has come to. =/

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