margaret river farmers’ market

The locals, the smiles and laid back personality of the markets shows that these markets are more than a commercial venture, it brings the community together. Locals outnumber the tourists and there are lots of samples to try. Every stall in this market sells produce from the south west – so it is a true farmers’ market.

Conveniently, the markets are also a great way to enjoy the region’s best produce without driving around. It’s a lazy person’s tour through the diversity of the region. Farm shops which are normally located miles away from each other, are now merely footsteps apart.

I have to admit this is the stall I came to see. I love cheese and Cambray Sheep Cheese make fantastic handmade farmhouse cheeses. We quickly snapped up a Friesette cheese – a soft white mould cheese made from 100% sheep’s milk. They also do a crumbly sharp-ish blue and soft fresh cheeses.

Pecans were a great buy – to be honest I had no idea we had locally grown pecans in WA! I feel a pecan pie coming up. Mumbellup Pecans also make delicious pecan toffee and chocolate pecan brittle.

McHenry’s Farm shop sells free range Jarrahdene pork and Arkady lamb. I couldn’t help myself here and bought up quite a bit – it’s always a good idea to bring a cooler bag wherever you go, for situations just like this! All the meat is fresh, expertly butchered and vacuum packed. We cooked the Arkady lamb rolled shoulder roast (studded with garlic and marjoram) and it was really nice – tender with a grassy springtime flavour.

Margaret River Free Range eggs were an absolute bargain – they sell both the normal (perfect) eggs and imperfect ‘cooker’ eggs. These are usually dearer in supermarkets but here they are straight from the farm – $8 for 30 eggs. The cooker eggs – which are slightly misshapen but perfectly fine were $7 for 30 eggs.

There were lots of stalls – more than I can remember – mulled wine, honey, olive oils, Yahava coffee and organic produce stalls. Plus the famed Yallingup woodfired bread – I missed out on the last loaf! And of course, luscious ice cream made from unhomogenized milk – lovely.

If you are in the region on the second or fourth Saturday of the month, get yourselves down to the markets. It’s a bit off the tourist track but close to the town centre and jam packed with quality produce. And you’ll get to meet the people who breath, live and work off the land.

There’s a breakfast bar (with proceeds going to non profit groups) and a smoothie bar pumping out burgers for the hungry shoppers. Don’t forget to bring your cooler bag!

Margaret River Farmers’ Market
Cnr Tunbridge & Farrelly Streets, Margaret River WA 6285

Open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month 8am – 12noon


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  1. Benji - passionate about Margaret River

    What a great post. I love the pictures. It is great to see people like yourself sharing what is best about the Margaret River region. The Margaret River Farmers Markets are amazing and I think this post does them very proud. I am a big fan of the Cambray Sheep cheese also as I am lactose intolerant and this is not in sheep cheese. I love the pictures and I feel you have captured some of the best. There is also wine, sparkling grape juice, avocados, organinc beef and lamb.
    My one tip to anyone is get there early as many places sell out on the day, as you found out with the wood fired bread. ;)

  2. mei

    Benji – Hi! Thanks for your comment! By some coincidence I looked around your website before we went and got some hints and tips. Nice site. =) And (coincidence again) I am somewhat lactose intolerance and it was sweet relief to find sheep cheese. The markets hallmark a very exciting time for food in south west WA. I’m looking forward to going back again, one day. Thanks for dropping in.

    Mags – Hi Mags! I’m the same too, long time Perthie but hadn’t been for a proper visit to Margaret River. It’s unbelievable we have such a nice place just a few hours drive (took us 3h15min to get from Canningvale to the markets) away. What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday – there are lots of great places to eat down there. We had lunch at Must and it was very very good, even for non wine lovers. The oysters were to die for. There were so many places we didn’t have time to fit in (venison farm!) and I hope you experience more on your break. Thanks for your comment and hope to see you around on the blog. =)

  3. Mags

    Having lived in Perth for years but never visited Margaret River, I have now booked a short break there next year, specifically to visit the farmers’ market after reading this wonderful post! I can’t wait (and it’s on my birthday too). Looking forward to filling up a few eskies of fresh food to bring back.
    Thanks for post (and blog is great too).

  4. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Lovely! Haven’t been down south for years (the north always calls me away during my rare time off), must get onto this next year and revisit all these spots.

    I love Cambray Sheep Cheese, am glad they sell their wares a little closer to home :)

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