regal on roe seafood restaurant – northbridge


Our new dim sum haunt – it’s relatively peaceful, the teacups are generously sized and the service is friendly. A big plus are (my favourite) their yam puffs (wu kok) which is becoming a rare specimen on dim sum trolleys. Sure, their prawn dumplings may not be as delicate as Dragon Palace’s but their efficient service (another notorious rarity at dim sum restaurants) and pleasant atmoshpere is an attractive alternative to intermittent service and chaos (albeit fantastic dumplings).

It’s not quite a compromise on food – their big serves of fried squid,velvety century egg congee and robust spare ribs have us coming back for more. We’ve visited three times within a month and haven’t yet had a dish we would consider bad, so their consistency is spot on, which is a vast improvement from my first visit about two years ago.


Regal on Roe Seafood Restaurant
20 Roe Street, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9228 2198

Open Lunch and Dinner Wed – Mon (closed Tue)

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