la grand epicerie du bon marché, paris

Now, if only we had a Grande Epicerie in little old Perth.




bonmarche_IMG_1676 bonmarche_IMG_1681






I know where I’d be spending my savings..!


Le Grande Epicerie Paris
38, rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris

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  1. Mei & Luke

    La Grande Epicerie is a great “local” – the grande deli that has EVERYTHING that you can think of! whether it may be to buy that much coveted ingredient at the very last minute or a sandwich for a petit picnic in the jardin du luxembourg.
    It definitely doesn’t give you an excuse to not try that oh so.. Parisien recipe or pop into the Lacoste or Petit Bateau across the road for the latest ‘mariner’ top…..

  2. danica

    oh, if only! i remember spending an hour just wandering around in awe. i wish more food markets looked this sumptuous.

    your shots are beautiful!

  3. mei

    danica – I remember walking around with my mouth agape too! (At both the prices and the range.) We don’t have it too badly here in Perth, but Iwish we had such a range available. And cute french men too. ;)

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