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Spanish Flavours has finally made the move to Mt Hawthorn! I have to admit, I sort of lost hope when I couldn’t find Spanish Flavours in Wembley or in the new Mt Hawthorn location. Turns out, I was a little bit too eager and we were a few weeks too early for the opening.

Thanks to a reader, Sarah, we found out Rosa had opened up her new store and adjacent cafe just in the last couple of weeks. So we popped in to have a sticky beak and some churros. So good – fluffy on the inside, piping hot and crispy on the outside. The churros are just like the ones we had in Madrid – though the chocolate here is sweeter and more drinkable. The cafe also sells light meals and coffees.


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In the fridge, there’s jamon, serrano ham, chorizo (both spicy and mild – go spicy!) and manchego cheese, all sliced to order. If you’ve ever wondered where jamon in Perth restaurants came from – it’s probably from here. Rosa’s chorizo is second to none and is fabulous on its own or in stews, with beans, in omelettes, whatever. The paprika laced oil that oozes out of the spicy sausage is quite addictive.

On the shelves there’s everything needed to stockpile the pantry for some spanish inspiration – calasparra rice, smoked paprika, tiger nut powder (for horchata), tinned fish to name a few. There are also products from Brazil, Columbia and Mexico. If you are searching for a particular sized paella pan, there’s quite a selection here too.

If the pata negra doesn’t charm you, then Rosa will do the rest. She’s curious, chatty and her absolute charisma brings people back for more.




Spanish Flavours
413 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016
T: (08) 9444 6183



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  1. Su

    I went there last week to buy some hot chorizo. Unfortunately there was a power failure so I could not order any churros or food. Next time!

  2. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Ah excellent, I didn’t realise they’d moved to Mt Hawthorn! Will definitely be making a visit :)

  3. mei

    Conor – Yes yes do visit! Hope you depart with many links of chorizo :)

  4. Su

    I went two weeks ago on a Sunday and had a late lunch/afternoon tea/early dinner with some friends.

    Two of us (myself included) ordered the chorizo which comes with either fried potatoes (I think this is the patatas bravas) or mashed potatoes. I wanted mash but they had only fried. No problems because it was just as good. I love their chorizo so much. Unfortunately she did not have any to purchase other than a few mild links, and I only do the hot!

    My other friends ordered the tapas dishes of the calamari and also the potatoes. We all had churros. The chocolate is great to drink once the churros are all scoffed.

    I’d love to try her paella.

  5. mei

    Su – I love the late lunch/afternoon tea/early dinner combo – three meals in one (woohoo!). Patatas bravas brings back good memories of Spain, must return to jog the memories. Plus get a few links of that fabulous hot chorizo and a pep talk from Rosa about drinking the rest of the chocolate! Thanks for dropping in. I was thinking of celebrating my birthday with her paella…

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