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The Poynter Farmers’ Market opened today to a sell out success. By the time we arrived at 9.45am (the market opens at 9am), the baked goods were all but sold out, queues were trailing for produce and the coffee cart was doing its best, trying to keep up with the caffeine orders for adults and granitas for the kids.

Highlights include organic vegetables, homemade macaroons, Il Panino breads, Soldridge Lamb and Elmar’s hotdogs (go the cheese kransky with special sauce!).

With so much community support and all proceeds going to Poynter Primary P&C, these markets can only get bigger and better.


Poynter Farmers’ Market
Poynter Primary School, Poynter Dr, Duncraig WA 6023

Open Saturdays, fortnightly from 5/2/2011 (check website for dates)

See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.


Queue around the tree for fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

poynterfarmersmarket-IMG_6562 poynterfarmersmarket-IMG_6551


Bundles of fresh flowers at good prices.




Crowd favourite – Elmar’s hot dogs – try the cheese kransky with ‘special sauce’.


Picture perfect, home made macaroons. These were sold out in no time!



Not much left – a sell out success!



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  1. Trish

    Hi, I’m the owner of the stall pictured above with nothing left to sell. (our name is Brioche by the way!) My apologies to all those who missed out – we severely underestimated the demand for quality baked goods. We won’t make that mistake again in a fortnight!
    It was fantastic to see such a crowd there on Saturday supporting this long awaited market and we’re looking forward to getting to know the locals and hearing their feedback and suggestions for our bread and pastries

  2. mei

    Trish – Hi Trish! How apt – there is a brioche left on the table! The markets were ultra successful and I hope other vendors, will follow your example and stock up for the onslaught of eager customers. Next time I will surely grab a brioche from your stall. Best of luck to the Brioche stall and to the markets.

  3. bruisemouse

    It certainly was a great success and all of the hard work definitely paid off. I love that markets like this are making their way to the suburbs. Looking forward to heading back there tomorrow.

  4. mei

    bruisemouse – Markets moving out to the suburbs is definitely a good thing. I totally hated it when the first popular farmers’ markets were in Subi and Claremont! The prices and choices weren’t great – especially when the produce was organic or priced expensively for the surrounding demographic. The Poynter P&C have done a good job and hopefully their initiative will be replicated by other schools. Thanks for dropping in!

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