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Summer always means fish and chips in Freo. And on any sunny weekend, you can bet favourites like Ciccerello’s or Kailis Brothers are bursting at the seams – for good reasons too. A combination of decent food, waterside dining, and for some of us, sentimental memories, always brings us back for more.

But just around the corner is Sweetlips. Its inconspicuous location means it’s calm, clean and relaxed. And, instead of a sea of people, Sweetlips has a serene outlook to the Roundhouse and over a patch of greenery called Arthur Head Reserve.



sweetlips-IMG_6616-0 sweetlips-IMG_6631-0


Like a hip, cleaned up version of the local fish supply. The fish that goes into the fryers can also be bought raw to take home. You always know what fish you are eating – hake is their staple – no fish from questionable origins here.

We both had the New Zealand Dory Special which was good value – the portions were quite generous. And that’s what I want when I eat fish and chips. (Lots!) The need for crunchy, munchy, salty and vinegary cravings to be satisfied, with the feel good factor of leaving a couple of chippies behind.

The squid rings were the first victims – lightly crumbed and tender, they were more salty than peppery, but delicious. These would be good just by themselves.

Thick cut and crunchy chips filled the bottom of the plate. Two fillets of delicate, flakey dory were perfectly cooked – thin crispy batter, hot and moist inside. The two fat prawns were a bit watery but their size made up for the quality.




I think we’ve found a new favourite.


Sweetlips Fish & Chips
Unit 8, 47 Mews Road, Fremantle WA 6160
T: (08) 9430 6902

Lunch and dinner, 7 days


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  1. Apex@blueapocalypse

    My fav thing to order at Sweetlips is deep fried feta – it’s the bee’s knees!

  2. mei

    Apex – Oh I’ve always wanted to try it! Will do next time. Thanks for swinging by :)

  3. Stella

    Great pics! I miss Sweet Lips! Everytime I head home to Perth it’s on the list of places to go.

  4. mei

    Stella – Hey Stella! I always hear that everyone wants to get out of Perth, but once away, they miss old Dullsville like crazy. Hope you come home soon to have your fish and chips fix.

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