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Fast, friendly and tasty, Phong Vinh is from the same family that owns Tra Vinh, so the food is uncannily similar.

However, Phong Vinh has its own distinct character. It has a bright, airy disposition with a prime people watching outlook onto William Street. The familiar flask of hot tea, rasp of the laminated menu and self serve chopsticks and condiments, is efficient and strangely enough, homely.

The spruced up menu covers the run of the mill choices – pho, noodles in all shape and size (they even have drop rice noodles), crispy chicken, broken rice and a plethora of drinks.

My favourite is the bun cha gio rice vermicelli with spring rolls and fine meat – served cold with a slightly pungent fish sauce dressing, it’s healthy, light and extremely satisfying.




The pho has great depth of flavour from a rich stock, herbs and spices. The broken rice with a sunny fried egg, trung hap eggy meat loaf, fine meat (which is shredded pork and pork rind – much more delicious than it sounds) and grilled pork chop is just as delicious as Tra Vinh’s. And, their fried chicken with fried rice is pretty good.

Try the Phong Vinh special drink, it’s technicolour with the vibrant pink jelly, jackfruit pieces and green noodles – a fabulous concoction of coconut cream and shaved ice.

Phong Vinh is my favourite Vietnamese eatery in Perth and every time lunch rolls around, I can’t help but think about a bowl of vermicelli noodles.


Phong Vinh
Unit 3/323 William St, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9228 8238

Mon – Thu 10am – 9pm
Fri – Sun 10am – 0pm


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