dosukoi – fremantle (again)


No. 3 shredded leek ramen

Before picking through the swathes of fresh produce (and kitschy tourist crap) at the Freo Markets, the best thing you could possibly do is gobble up a bowl of ramen at Dosukoi. We got there at 10am and got three seats straightaway.

Who the hell eats ramen at 10am? People who don’t want to be waiting an hour for seats at 10.30am, that’s who!



Chicken karaage ramen

The ramen remains as delicious as our last visit. I’m happy to report the No. 3 shredded leek ramen (my sister’s choice), is not as brain exploding hot as before. I tucked my courage away and had the chicken karaage ramen instead. Topped with three chunks of crispy chicken, its crispy fried crusts wilted into my soup, joining its compatriot bean sprouts and shredded nori in the delicious broth.

Mum had the pork ramen with slices of pork chashu – rolled pork belly – which were melt in the mouth sublime. The pork fat melts into the cloudy soup which makes it even tastier! So good.


Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea
Stall No. 7, Fremantle Markets, Cnr Henderson St & South Tce, Fremantle 6160 WA.

Fri 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm,
Mon Public Holidays 9am-6pm



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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I FINALLY got here a couple of months ago and it’s well worth the hype, we loved it :)

    Just wish it wasn’t such a mission to get to, in distance and in opening hours!

  2. mei

    Conor – YAY you finally got there! Aw it is worth the hassle – I tried Arigataya (a post stuck in my bazillion drafts) and it just wasn’t the same. (Same goes for Nao, which was recently in the Spice magazine.) Dosukoi wins hands down over both of them. I hope you are feeling better after your bout of illness :)

  3. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Yes I agree about Arigataya (which I also took photos of but never wrote about!) and was wondering about Nao after reading about it. Oh Dosukoi, damn you and your tricky ways!
    And thanks, fingers crossed I’ll be back to an eating machine again tomorrow :)

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