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The Mustard and Pickled! burger, for pickle lovers only. Look at that big hunk of pickle in the middle.

Lately, I’ve been craving burgers like crazy. It probably began with K starting a low carb diet and even though I wasn’t on the diet (even though I should be), I wasn’t going to go all evil on him and start cooking risotto, mashed potatoes and rice, and leave him out. I guess when one half of the relationship goes on diet, inevitably, the other half kind of does too – partially, at least. You’ve got to be kind to your boyfriend once in a while, I guess.

So back to burgers. I didn’t want to torture him by suggesting burgers for lunch all the time – which has the mother of all carbohydrates – white bread. But one day, Grill’d popped up in our lunch centric conversations (which is what happens when you work together, you chat a lot about lunch). To find out Grill’d does salads – well, to say I was pleased would be an understatement.



Love the comic style wallpaper.


Scotch fillet salad


We’d been to Grill’d in Mt Lawley before and I really like their concept. The buns are a soft pannini style – not the hard stuff that requires jaws of steel to eat – but cushy, fresh buns with sturdy texture. And they also do NO BUN burgers – I know, it sounds sacrilegious, but don’t knock it until you have a low carb dieting boyfriend.

The Subiaco Grill’d has a nice outlook over Rokeby Road, so we took a seat outside, reading their rather good selection of magazines and newspapers.

K’s scotch fillet salad looked really good – fresh rocket leaves with pieces of scotch fillet steak and a mangle of strikingly red beetroot relish on top. According to K, it was great but I think he got serious food envy when he saw my burger.



IMG_7517 IMG_7513



The Mustard and Pickled! burger is just that – a beef patty with mustard, crunchy dill pickles and the usual salad suspects. The herbed beef patty was a little overcooked but the construction of the burger won me over. Nothing fell out, which is a feat. Plus the bread bun was fabulous – substantially wholesome and not too spongy.

Here is a good reason not to be on a low carb diet – the chips. I’m pretty impressed by consistency and every time I have eaten Grill’d chips, they are crispy, hot and somehow they manage to get the herb sprinkle and salt flakes to stick to each chip.

Despite Grill’d being a chain store, the menu is well thought out with diet friendly options, large variety and the kooky character of the store is appealing.

We’ll need to compare to Jus Burgers (I’m probably the last food blogger in Perth that hasn’t tried Jus) but Grill’d would be very hard to beat.



Up’s: Healthy (healthier, perhaps), excellent burgers. Flexible, varied menu – gluten free, vegetarian, no bun options available. Prompt service in a nicely decked out eatery.
Down’s: My only gripe – the outdoor area has the kitchen vent directly overhead!

Food: 4.5/5
Value: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5


Subiaco Square, Cnr Roberts and Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008
T: (08) 9380 9497

Fri – Sat 11am – 11pm
Sun – Thu 11am – 10pm



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  1. Adrian

    I would definitely go the burger over the salad but surely Panini is lower GI than white bread so is exempt! And Grill’d keeps advertising they’re healthier burgers.

    Grill’d is popping up everywhere – the latest I think is the Claremont Quarter one next to Koko Black but I only seem to ever go to the Mount Lawley one.

    I’m curious to see your comparison with Jus. They are pretty different burgers. Have to say my favourite is still Rockpool’s wagyu burger though. It’s probably overall the least healthiest but that along with the construction of the burger as well as the quality and composition of the ingredients is what makes it so good.

  2. mei

    Adrian – “You don’t make friends with salad…” is now stuck in my head. Thank goodness K is off that darned low carb diet it was driving me nuts! I will pass on to him that in fact, panini is exempt from diet rules. ;) I wonder if we are ever going to see the end or downward trend of burgers in Perth. Oh my, WAGYU burger that does sounds good. Next time I will try it, but I can never seem to not order something from the main menu at Rockpool argh.

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