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{This post is part of a series from our trip to Europe in mid 2010. Yes, it is taking me ages to finish it…}

We squeezed ourselves into our bar seats and immediately I was in love with Tapas 24! With squeaky fresh produce overflowing from the kitchen, Tapas 24 perfectly summed my vision of dining in Barcelona. Frantically busy, the staff almost overworked, with gregarious customers flooding in for seats.




Tapas 24 is a claustrophobic basement – the open kitchen barely fits the four cooks and a boy – whose only occupation, interestingly enough, was to rub ripened tomatoes on crusty bread.

The boy would cut the bread, toast it and rub the flesh of half a tomato into the charred, coarse bread until left with just the thin film of tomato skin. With a dribble of olive oil and spray of sea salt, the crusty, juicy bread was ready to eat. And over and over he would do that process, each time producing the most perfect pan tomat.



Pan tomat

tapas24-IMG_2968  tapas24-IMG_2958

Left: Chimmichurri beef. Right: The Tapas 24 menu.

Very rare slices of beef dressed with chimmichurri sauce was K’s favourite. (Hence the half empty plate in the photograph – joys of being with a fast eater…) Amidst the oiliness, the chimmichurri sauce had some heat with the earthiness of dried herbs, leaving the flavour of the delicate beef to shine through. (On a related note, beef in Spain is always a good bet – it’s always excellent.)



Plump razor clams ‘a la planxa’ fresh from the market.

tapas24-IMG_2962  tapas24-IMG_2969

Left: Daily specials chalkboard.

I love razor clams. Long, plump rods of the sea, we don’t get these in Perth. Best grilled until opened, the clams were juicy and fat. Drenched with olive oil and lemon juice, the fleshy clams taste like the sea.

We finally got our hands on a McFoie Burger – a very un-Spanish sounding item commonly found at tapas bars in Barcelona. A far cry from the take out burger, it’s a miniature burger with a layer of foie gras. Squashed mercilessly in a sandwich toaster, the burger looked like it had been steamrolled into oblivion. Biting into it, the foie gras was creamy, smooth and a marriage made in heaven with the pink beef.



Patatas bravas – fried potatoes with spicy sauce and in this case, aioli.

We were contemplating dessert as the bar was getting extremely crowded. People waiting behind us were watching us eat our meals, patiently waiting to do the same. However, seeing our hesitation, one of the waiting customers insisted we order the chocolate balls with fleur de sel. So we did as we were told.



There is nothing like a first hand recommendation. At this point I was thinking – how can salt be good with chocolate? Well when you think about it, the two most sinful flavours of food would be salty and sweet. And when put together it’s a fabulous combination. To the point where I wanted to roll in the stuff. Or order another plate of dessert.

The chocolate ganache was melt in the mouth. The salt flakes melted into the silky ganache, making salty, sweet love on the palate. Then there was the crackle of the bread, to wake the senses to reality. Then you start all over again with the next bite.


Tapas 24
C/ Diputació, 269, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
T: 934 880 977
W: http://www.tapac24.com/tapac24/english/index.html

Metro: Plaza Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia

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  1. Kate In TO

    Yay! Checking out your blog because im moving back to perth after nearly 10 years away… Tapac 24 is one of my most favourite places in the world!! love it!

  2. mei

    Kate – Hi Kate! Welcome back to Perth, I hope the price of tapas here does not shock you back to where you came from! Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Madame Chesson

    TIP!: Sit at the bar to get good service!! Otherwise you will be spending the whole night trying to wave the servers down. Go to the Mandarin Oriental (almost next door) for a strong cocktail at their slick and stylish Bankers Bar.

    Cuidad Condal around the corner is a more convenient option for quick service, bustling atmosphere and an abundance of seating. Next door to my fave high st clothing store, Massimo Dutti!

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